Day 6 and 7 June 29th-30th Biking Around Nantes

Day 6 and 7 June 29th-30th Biking Around Nantes


Stepping into Nantes Imaginary Worlds...



Erik and Jess wake up feeling a little under the weather. But nothing will stop them from discovering the surprising gems Nantes has to offer!


After having a breakfast in their Jules Vernes inspired “L’Ile Mysterieuse” apartment, they head to the Botanical gardens of Nantes to observe some wildlife and verdant nature.


They take their bikes around the city, and make a stop at the Nantes Cathedral.




They have a coffee break at a café, enjoying a unique view of the historic landmark  Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne.


After having a small lunch at La Cantine du Voyage in Nantes, an ephemeral terrasse overlooking the Loire, they discover Les Machines de L’Ile, a space dedicated to artistic installations that pay homage to the imaginary world of Jules Vernes, a fiction and fantasy writer who lived in Nantes. 


They go back early to their Ile Mysterieuse themed apartment to get some rest. 


...And Discovering the beautiful Nantes by bike




Erik and Jess start the day very early, and have an early breakfast at their hotel, before taking their train to their new destination, the charming city of Nantes.

They arrive an hour and a half later and take a quick tour of the city.



picture of the hotel room


They discover the unique decor of their accomodations, L’Ile Mystérieuse.

Next, they take a bike ride, exploring the city and it’s surroundings.

They follow a scenic biking path along the Loire River, and even take a ferry with their bikes.  





Later, they discover the Chateau du Pé, an old mansion transformed into an artistic Bed and Breakfast.



picture of the hotel room

Erik and Jess discover a brasserie typical of the region called La Cigale. This brasserie has been classified as a historic monument since 1964! 

They then head back to L'Ile Mysterieuse for a good night of sleep.