Découvertes: how do we come up with your offer ?

Découvertes: how do we come up with your offer ?

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How do we come up with an this offer ?

At Decouvertes, we believe in the added value of Team Working: you know your clients and we know the field.Send us a request today and you have a first quote on your desk tomorrow morning upon arrival. Our secret weapon consists in discussing right away this preliminary material together.   


What are the benefits for the two of us ? 

- Save Time: avoid numerous back and forth exhausting emails.

- Customization: review together content, process (the “how”) and price and make sure you handle the right offer,

- Creativity: Team Work is access to creativity, new ideas and the Unique Selling Points expected by your clients.

- Closing the deal: you handle the bespoke proposal which you have designed and have all the tools to close the sale.  

15 minutes on the phone and we come up with the dream travel that your clients expect from you ! 

Contact us at reservation@decouvertes.fr

Maude Chemin | COO

Mail : maude@decouvertes.fr

Tel : +33 4 4250 8933 

Toll free: +1 866 813 738100

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