DuVine Cycling + Adventures: Loire Valley and Provence

DuVine Cycling + Adventures: Loire Valley and Provence


Cycle through fields of sunflowers and asparagus. Climb winding roads to farmers markets in medieval villages. Stroll through charming rural towns. Explore ancient abbeys and taste the world’s best olive oils. You will never forget the breathtaking Roman ruins of Les Baux de Provence, a morning at the markets in St. Remy (pottery, traditional fabrics and soaps, and olive oils), and truffle and wine tasting in the village of Menèrbes. Culinary delights include tastings of sumptuous reds, whites, and the celebrated rosés of Provence, and unforgettable meals that include Provençal specialties prepared by some of the region’s most prominent chefs. 

DuVine offers cyclists seven ways to enjoy Provence.  Whether you choose their Chef on Wheels Tour, or Classic Provence Tour, or Provence Mediterranean Tour, or four day Provence for first time adventurers or their family Provence, a Private Tour or a Couture Trip, you will tour in DuVine Style.


Loire Valley

Cycle through a land of enchantment, with regal châteaux dotting the countryside at every turn. Wander quiet roads amongst acres of fertile land and orchards of fresh fruit. Step back into the Renaissance and a time of kings and queens. Exploring the Loire Valley on a bike tour brings you face-to-face with this magical region, into its subterranean troglodyte cellars, enchanting châteaux, and medieval villages. Indulge in local delicacies like foie gras in Amboise, eat straight from the garden at Château de Villandry, and taste fascinating wines at Cheverny. You'll feel like royalty!

Their six day tours allow you to bike, eat, drink and sleep.  This easy cycling tour is great for families as well as epicureans

Whether you want to travel in 2013 or 2014, DuVine has the adventure for you. DuVine travelers experience the best of each region – world-class accommodations, sublime meals, and carefully designed itineraries. But the most important thing about any DuVine trip is getting to know the amazing attributes of travel by bike. Pedaling through the countryside, each traveler is intimately connected to the landscape, their senses fully engaged in the experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of the environment, the unique and delectable taste of local specialties, and interactions with real people lead to true local understanding and full-bodied memories that last a lifetime.


Specific to note to the trade - All packages are commissionable at 10%.