Europe Express: Offering More Than Just the City of Light

Europe Express: Offering More Than Just the City of Light

When Americans think of France, many instantly conjure up stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, or eating freshly baked croissants at a small café off the Champs Elysees. As enticing as those images are, there is still much to discover outside the City of Light. The next time your client wants to travel to Paris, consider also sending them to one of these other incredible French destinations and let Europe Express help plan the travel details. They specialize in providing high-quality, affordable European product to the travel trade. With knowledgeable reservation staff and a wide range of offerings including air, hotel, sightseeing, transfers and more, they can help you create the perfect vacation for any client at any budget, allowing you to encourage your clients to venture outside the big cities.


Less than three hours outside of Paris, this stunning region is often only
allotted a day trip to visit the D-day landing beaches however; Normandy has a
rich culture and history of its own that’s worth exploring further. This
region’s location in the north of France, as well as it’s tumultuous past, has
made it a popular destination. Due to the influence of other European countries
during historical wars, the people and customs evolved differently than much of
the rest of France, creating not only unique language, religion, and food
traditions but also the construction of many beautiful cities with exceptional
and distinctive chateaus, castles, and cathedrals. This stunning region was
also a favorite of the Impressionist painters; for the striking cliffs and its
remarkable light and gardens. Notably, Claude Monet’s house and gardens at
Giverny are one of the region's major tourist sites, frequently visited for
their beauty and their water lilies, as well as for their importance to Monet's
artistic inspiration.

Cote d’Azur 

This beautiful sun soaked stretch of coast along the Mediterranean Sea, also
known as the French Riviera, was one of the first modern beach resort areas.
The region benefits from 300 days of sunshine each year and is popular with
European and American tourists alike. Beyond the beaches, cities like Nice, St.
Tropez, and Cannes have an abundance of cultural offerings, such as Carnival
and the Cannes Film Festival. Boating and yachting are extremely popular and
the region’s close proximity to both Provence and Monaco allow for the option
of day trips. Although traditionally viewed as a playground for the wealthy
with magnificent, stylish resorts and casinos - even when traveling on a
shoestring, the easy to use public transportation and variety of cities provide
choices for all budgets. A trip to the French Riviera is exactly what travelers
need to unwind after the bustle of a Parisian adventure, and luckily Nice is
home to France's third-busiest airport making it easy to add on to any trip!

Now that you have explored a few of the fantastic destinations beyond Paris, discover these other exciting France packages from Europe Express.

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