Family-friendly Normandy

Family-friendly Normandy Caen fr

Normandy is one of the top destinations for non-stop, child-friendly entertainment.
Whether by the seaside or in the heart of the countryside, families will find
lots to see and do all year round. 

Be moved by the France travel destination of Mont-Saint-Michel, Wonder of the Western World. Remember the major historical event that took place on the D-Day Beaches on 6th June
1944. Normandy, one of the famous heritage sites in France, offers the
visitor a stunning coastline, picturesque ports and beaches galore and
nature lovers can head inland to get away from it all in the idyllic

Make the most of your France vacation packages. Have fun cycling along the
rural paths or driving though the countryside of bocage hedgerows. Take a
minute to wonder at the peace and quiet along the Manor Trail in the
Perche area or in the Suisse Normande. 

Immerse yourself in Normandy's culture: its renowned museums, monuments and
concert halls offer a choice broad enough to suit all tastes, and if you happen
to combine a passion for horticulture with an interest in architecture, the
fine parks and gardens in Normandy's chateaux will not disappoint you.

This tapestry of coast, forests, countryside and water provides a seemingly unlimited
diversity of outdoor activities.

Whether by foot, horseback, canoe, kite surf or parachute, visitors to
Normandy get the best of what we have to offer - the Great Outdoors.

Famous for its dairy products, like butter, milk, cream and cheese, the region is also
world wide renowned for its apples. Most restaurants in Normandy will use
locally sourced products and some producers are delighted to welcome

Normandy is haute-cuisine heaven for food lovers and visitors seeking authentic culinary


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