France's Holiday Markets

France's Holiday Markets

France's Holiday Markets


The Oldest Christmas Market in France
November 24 - December 31
Dating back to the Middle Ages, today this famous market, now in its 443rd year, brings in some 300 chalets spread over 11 squares in the city center. Strasbourg is also renowned as the most illuminated city in all of Europe, and boasts Europe's tallest decorated Christmas tree, reaching nearly 100 ft high. People are invited to leave presents for the underprivileged underneath the tree, which are donated to over 60 different charities and humanitarian organizations. More info

The Magic of Christmas in Colmar
November 23 - December 31
This magical town lights up for the season with special events, open air concerts, and incredible Christmas markets, one of which is entirely devoted to children. Since 1998, the city has been holding decoration contests, encouraging locals to deck their houses, balconies, and store fronts in holiday decor.



Wine Cellar Holiday Market
December 21 - 23

This elaborate Christmas market, now in its 24th year, welcomes some 70 vendors to present their artisanal crafts and cuisine in the Bailly lapierre wine cellars, which will be illuminated for the season. Items for sale include escargot, foie gras, chocolate, toys and much more.



Reims Christmas Village Market
November 23 – December 30

The Reims Christmas market is one of the largest and best in France with more than 135 chalets offering a range of gourmet products, arts & crafts, and creative gift suggestions. This renowned market is held annually on the streets surrounding the city center, which are beautifully illuminated and decorated.

Reims Cathedral Light Show
November 23 – January 1

Visitors should not miss this spectacular sound & light show, which brings life and color to this famous cathedral, which was once the coronation cathedral of the kings of France. This unique experience was created to celebrate the Cathedral’s 800th anniversary in 2011.

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Sarlat Family-Friendly Christmas Market
December 8 - 29

A big Christmas market with chalets, featuring special events like readings of Christmas tales, cooking classes, magic shows and concerts.

Magical Christmas by the Sea
December 18 - 24

This ritzy seaside town hosts a festive Christmas celebration with light shows, street performances and more.