French Digital Arts Festivals

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    © Solar Sinter de Markus Kayser. Photo DR

  • bainsnumeriques.jpeg INSITU FORT CANNING HILL de Boedi Widjaja et David Letellier.

    bainsnumeriques.jpeg INSITU FORT CANNING HILL de Boedi Widjaja et David Letellier.

    © Photo DR

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  • Gamerz


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  • Gamerz.jpg Vicious Circle de Peter William Holden, festival Gamerz 2013.

    Gamerz.jpg Vicious Circle de Peter William Holden, festival Gamerz 2013.

    © Digitalarti

  • Futur en Seine.Out of body VR experience par VideoStitch

    Futur en Seine.Out of body VR experience par VideoStitch

    © Digitalarti

French Digital Arts Festivals

In partnership with Digitalarti

Digital or media artworks were first exhibited in the 1990s within the context of electronic music festivals. For a long time, they were the only venues where the general public could discover and experience sound installations as well as interactive and multimedia artworks, which are still underrepresented in galeries and museums. In the past decade, large festivals in France have also focused on digital arts. Here are just a few examples.

Accès(s). Based in and around Pau, this festival of electronic cultures supported by a nonprofit organization considers technology from an artistic and anthropological point of view, offering urban art itineraries that blend music, architecture, design, etc.

Bains Numériques. This international digital arts festival initiated by Centre Des Arts d'Enghien-les-Bains, structured around renewed themes, hosts both professional conferences and festive activities open to the general public (electronic music concerts on the lake, shows, exhibitions, performances and interactive installations in the city, etc).

Electropixel. This event held in Nantes is part of an international network of electronic arts festivals (Pixelache), a rendez-vous for programmers, artists (sound, visual, interactive, performing…), musicians and theorists (philosophers, art historians, anthropologists, psychoanalysts…).

Maintenant. Relaunched as Maintenant (“Now”), this festival dedicated to art, music and technology has been hosted by the nonprofit organization Elektroni[k] in Rennes since 2001. Its multidisciplinary program includes digital artworks, pencil drawings, electronic music, origami, workshops, exhibitions, etc.

Futur en Seine. This industry-oriented digital arts festival takes place over 10 days in the Paris region, bringing together innovators (companies, start-ups, developers, artists, etc.) who present their projects (demos, exhibitions, lectures, workshops…) and compete for awards.

Gamerz. Held in Aix-en-Provence for the past 10 years, the Gamerz festival showcases multimedia artworks that question our relationship with technology through exhibitions, lectures and performances, presentations, workshops, linking technological innovations with social theories.

Nemo. Originally focused on video art and audio-visual performances, this festival initiated by ARCADI (Action Régionale pour la Création Artistique et la Diffusion en Île-de-France) has recently been relaunched as an International Biennial for contemporary digital art, audio-visual or relational performances, live shows based on digital design and exploratory music.

Rencontres des arts numériques, électroniques et médiatiques. This « meeting of digital, electronic and media arts » organized by the nonprofit Oudéis in Le Vignan in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon promises a concrete utopia around multimedia artworks (video, installations, interactive pieces, etc.) that invite viewers to experiment and challenge them to think.

Scopitone. Firmly anchored by electronic music, Scopitone combines its music program with a large section devoted to digital arts (visual scenography, hybrid installations, exhibitions, workshops, live film concerts, etc.) exhibited across a number of venues throughout Nantes.

Vision'R. Dedicated to VJing, the Parisian festival Vision'R is the international rendez-vous for live visuals and VJ networks, giving high visibility to ephemeral forms of expression, both artistic and non-artistic, within the field of audiovisual performance.