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The French Riviera Cruise Clubis launching a new challenge for 2016!

To reward the French Riviera ports’ outstanding cruise line companies of 2015, “French Riviera Cruise Club awards” will be given in the following four categories:

- the best ambassador for the French Riviera
- the most unusual excursion suggestion
- the most successful operational challenge carried out in one of our ports
- the most environmentally-friendly initiative 

The winner of each award will be decided by the French Riviera Cruise club according to various criteria.

The awards of Best Ambassador and Most Unusual Excursion will be determined on the basis of the websites and catalogues of each cruise line.

The award for the most successful Operational Challenge will be decided after studying the logistic conditions of each company’s calls in our ports. Finally, the Green award will be decided on the basis of the environmental questionnaires sent to cruise ships.

The winners of each award will be honored with a VIP reception held on French Riviera, while the winner of the Green Award will also receive a reduction on port fees for calls made in 2016.

These cruise awards will be attributed to the winning cruise lines during Seatrade Cruise Global event in Fort Lauderdale next March.


A new road map and joint leadership for the French Riviera Cruise Club.

Mrs Pasquale Hattemberg, responsible for Tourism for Villefranche city council and Mr Michel Chevillon, member of the board of the French Riviera CCI have been appointed respectively president and vice president of the French Riviera Cruise Club.

The world cruise industry remains buoyant despite the economic crisis that has affected other sectors.  This  said,  the  French  Riviera  must  continue  to  evolve  and  to  find  new  ways  to maintain its market share. The  number  of  cruise  passengers  in  2016  is  estimated to  equal  that  of  2015,  at  around 55,0000 passengers.  
The attractions of the Riviera and the numerous initiatives carried out by the  French Riviera Cruise  Club  have  helped  keep  our  destination  attractive  in  the  face  of  competition  in  the nearby areas, and we can send an optimistic message to our stakeholders.

The  French  Riviera  must  continue  its  efforts  to  remain  attractive. Competition  is  getting stronger  and  we  must  pull  together  to  keep  our  clients  and to  enhance  the  appeal  of  our destinations.

The  cruise  industry  on  the  French  Riviera  generates  an  economic  benefit  of  some  40  million euros  and  cruises  represent  an  important  means  for  tourists  to  visit  the  destination.  Fifty percent  of  cruise  passengers  to  the  French  Riviera  are  visiting  for  the  first  time,  while  86 percent state that they would like to return under their own steam.

« Our  challenge  is  to  position  the  French  Riviera  as  a  major destination  of  the  Mediterranean  » says  Pasquale Hattemberg.  Michel  Chevillon, who  has  been  involved  in  the  FRCC  since  its creation,  will  bring  his  expertise  in  tourism  and  hospitality.  He  adds  that  « it’s  an  honour  for me  to  be  the  lynch  pin  in  the  promotion  of  the  French  Riviera  with  cruise  company  decision makers.
The  French  Riviera  Cruise  Club’s  2016  road  map  was  presented  to  tourism  stakeholders  on Tuesday, January 5th:
•Reposition the French Riviera at the centre of major cruise industry events.  
•Organise  the  cruise  industry  eco-system  on  the  French  Riviera  in  terms  of  training, refueling, and technological innovations  
•Develop cruise passenger greeting operations in our ports and maximise the economic benefits for the local area.
•Bring together local actors and seek sources of funding for projects. 

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