Gourmet Quest

Gourmet Quest

Crunch the adventure!


Live an adventure that will make you discover many French regions, a real gastronomic quest in episodes.

GOURMET QUEST is a video game available on iOS, Android and Facebook.

Challenge also your friends and try to obtain the title of Grand Gourmet!


SEASON 1: France

The Great Academy of Gastronomy (G.A.G) recruited you urgently because they need your services: the INSIPIDS struck again. You are the only person who can prevent them from causing any more harm! During your whole quest throughout France, you will meet many colorful characters who will help you and make you discover local dishes.

You will start your adventure in Paris. Throughout the trials, mini-games, and encounters, you may perhaps thwart the INSIPIDS’ scheming.


Episode 01: The Vineyards of Montmartre

(Paris and its region) FREE

Help the G.A.G find the patron of the Montmartre Harvest Festival who has been kidnapped. Without him, the event cannot continue and the INSIPIDS will win! This is unacceptable, you have to find him and overthrow the enemies of taste. Your turn to play!


Episode 02: Thomas Jefferson’s Wine Cellar Book

(Bordeaux and its region)

President Thomas Jefferson’s wine cellar book has disappeared. This spectacular holdup happened in the American embassy and it cannot be ignored. The book contains the ideal place chosen by the President himself to grow a vineyard whose wine would be unequalled. The INSIPIDS have to be stopped before they destroy this historical artifact and ruin this piece of land.


Episode 03: The Three Musketeers of Taste

(Toulouse and its region)

A story involving the leading political dignitaries and culinary authorities of the region is bugging you. Why did the restaurant of the Broachsavor brothers burn down? Their career is ruined and it is no mere coincidence.

This is all very fishy… It is time to take action and give the region of good living its peace back. Lead the investigation!


Episode 04: Bitter Chocolate

(Lyon and its region)

On the eve of the international contest that awards the prestigious “King of the ganache” prize on the Salon du Chocolat, the last winner resigned. The rumour of a mysterious documen discrediting the fair is not helping… Your mission: resolve the crisis in the next 48h. Will you succeed in protecting the French chocolate from these numerous threats?


Episodes to come: Episode 05 to Episode 10

The episodes will be available straight from the app and will let you travel to new regions (Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, Provence, etc.).


GOURMET QUEST, is also...

A gastronomic quiz

You can also challenge your friends with  our free QUIZ. Play alone or with family and friends, sharpen you gastronomic knowledge and level up to the prestigious title of Grand Gourmet!

Invite up to 3 players in asynchronous sessions for hours of challenges.



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