How to be considered a legal DMC

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How to be considered a legal DMC

To  be considered a  legal DMC you must have:

•    A matriculation number which leads you to operate with the "VAT on the margin" taxation system
•    A matriculation number in order to subscribe your liability insurance  which  covers  your clients
•    A matriculation number in order to subscribe to the APST, which covers your client’s deposit  in case of failure from your side
•    A matriculation number in order to deliver and operate multiple services (more than 3)

If you don't have a  matriculation  number (delivered  by Atout  France), you are not considered a legal DMC.

Registration of travel and ground operators in France
Registration on the present registry of a person or entity established in France is mandatory to pursue the activity of travel and ground operators.
This applies to any person or entity, recognized as member of the European Union or to any other State included in the European Economic Union agreement settling in France for this activity.
Registration on the registry certifies that this person or entity meets the conditions detailed and required  by the code of tourism, to practice this activity.
All of these conditions are verified by the Board for registration of Atout France prior to the Registration.


If you don’t have a matriculation number, you are not a DMC but rather a "Service-Provider”. You and your clients are not covered in case of an accident during atransfer or on the program, financial or security control from the police, bankruptcy etc.


These regulations are meant to organize the business and protect the clients. Indeed, the matriculation number is the first thing the French Authorities will check.