Innovative Transportation Across France

Innovative Transportation Across France

Autolib in Paris, a new eco-friendly concept  

After the booming success of the Vélib, the bike rental system, Paris welcomes the new eco-friendly electric car rental service. With already 250 stations, the Autolib’ service will continue to gradually expand through June, 2012 to eventually reach 1,000 stations in and around Paris. By 2012, the city expects to offer 3,000 vehicles for self-service use distributed amongst 700 stations in Paris and 300 located right outside the city limits. The Autolib’ cars are 100% electric, include GPS navigation systems, and are accessible in the heart of Paris 24/7.





This system already exists in 10 major French cities, including Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille, Montpellier, Strasbourg and Toulouse, and has proved to be very efficient.



TGV Rhin Rhone, connecting France and Europe

The first high-speed train route in France not centered around Paris was launched last December. The TGV Rhine-Rhone is a newly dedicated track between Dijon in the Burgundy region and Mulhouse in the Alsace region that connects with two other high-speed lines, the Paris - Lyon line and the Lyon – Mediterranean line. The Rhine-Rhone line is also the first to connect the regions of France to Europe.

11 million passengers are expected to ride the Rhine-Rhone route. Trips are shortened by 90 mn between Mulhouse and Marseille and between Dijon and Strasbourg.
Dijon is now only be 1 hour and 25 minutes from Basel, and Lyon is under 5 hours from Frankfurt. Domestic trains features first and second class seating, an organic and fair trade bar menu, and an on-board bike storage area while Euro Duplex trains serves the international routes. Rail travel is an environment friendly transportation and the new line will significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
This new line will benefit many regions of France in terms of tourism, business and facility, since it will be easier to get from one end of France to the next. For the first time, Alsace will be linked to the Mediterranean, and will have a much shorter trip to Paris. The eastern region of Franche-Comté will also benefit from this line.



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