Itinerary: Painters and Museums of the Midi-Pyrénées

Itinerary: Painters and Museums of the Midi-Pyrénées Albi fr

DAY 1:


 Grand Hôtel de l’Opéra- Ideally located in the center of Toulouse, the hotel faces the famous Théâtre du Capitole" and is only a few steps from the lively arcades of "Place du Capitole" and from the city’s most prestigious restaurants and shops. Located in a former convent dating from the seventeenth century, the Grand Hotel de l'Opera is one of the most intimate and famous boutique hotels of the “Pink City".

Grand Hôtel de l’Opéra****

1, Place du Capitole,

31000 Toulouse

Tel: +33 (0) 61 21 82 66

Toulouse Office of Tourism

Square Charles de Gaulle, 31000 Toulouse, France
+ 33 892 18 01 80



  • Dinner at the gastronomic restaurant “Michel Sarran,” a major chef of the region with two Michelin stars.

 Michel Sarran

Chef: Michel Sarran

21 Boulevard Armand Duportal

31000 Toulouse

Night in Toulouse




  • Lunch at the traditional restaurant “Emile”- In the 1940s, Restaurant Emile opened as a guesthouse and evolved in the 1960s to become one of Toulouse’s finest traditional restaurants. Today, Chef Christophe Fasan maintains the custom for local authentic food, adding his own creative flair.


Chef: Christophe Fazan

13 place Saint-Georges

31000 Toulouse

Tel: 05 61 21 05 56

  •  Explore the Saint Etienne neighbourhood (including the visit of the Augustin Museum)

  •  End of the visit in “Graine de Pastel”: An innovative cosmetics company that uses traditional artisanal products based on woad, a flowering plant native to the region.


  • Dinner at the Restaurant le Bibent- Decorated in a mix of baroque and art nouveau, this brasserie dates back to 1882. Christian Constant reopened this historical monument in 2010 and kept its previous name, Le  Bibent, which means ‘drink good’ in Occitane slang.

Le Bibent

Chef: Christian Constant

5 Place du Capitole

31000 Toulouse


Night in Toulouse



  • « Gourmet stroll » of the Marché des Carmes and the Victor Hugo Market, the two main covered marketplaces of Toulouse

Le Marché des Carmes features 50 active stands and a beautiful view of the famed  Toulouse rooftops. Dating from 1892, the market was refurbished last year. The surrounding area features several cafes, a restaurant, an ice cream parlor, and a flower shop. A ‘must-see’ is the “Matin Bar’ with an outdoor terrace. Since 2011, the city of Toulouse pays tribute to the famous painter Piet Mondrian by illuminating the facade of the Carmes with 800 m² of metal frames, almost 200m of LED tubes.

The Victor Hugo Market celebrated its 121st anniversary in 2013 and is known as one of the most prestigious markets in France. An icon for Toulouse residents and restaurant owners, it is famous for its gourmet stands and stores (Maison Garcia: deli and sausages from Toulouse, L’Arbre aux délices: black pork of Bigorre, Maison Samaran: foie gras and cassoulet, Xavier and Betty: cheeses, Octave: ice cream maker, Pillon / Gimm: chocolates, Maison Busquets / Chai Vincent: wines, Bellocq / Marée Toulousaine: fish and seafood.)


  • Lunch in “Le Capucin signé Bras”- Michel Bras (3 starred Michelin chef from Aveyron) and his family launched in January 2014 this  gastronomic “fast food” concept in Toulouse

Le Capucin, signé Bras

6 rue du Rempart-Villeneuve

  • Departure for Tarn, land of Toulouse-Lautrec and the Château de Salettes****
  • Visit of Cordes-sur-Ciel, very first fortified town (bastide) of the Midi-Pyrénées dating back to 1222, classified as “Great Site of Midi-Pyrénées.”


  • Visit of the hotel and restaurant Château de Salettes for wine-tasting.- Nestled in the Gaillac vineyard, this chateau dates from the thirteenth and fifteenth century but has recently been restored.

Château de Salettes****

Lieu-dit de Salettes

81140 Cahuzac-sur-Vère

Phone : (+33) 05 63 33 60 60 -

  • Dinner at the Hotel Mercure restaurant, special “Toulouse-Lautrec menu”- Designated as a historical monument and situated in front of the Episcopal City of Albi, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Mercure Hotel is housed in former mills dating from the 10th century which later served as a pasta factory until 1972. This pasta factory created the famous vermicelli in the form of the alphabet

Hôtel Mercure, Cité épiscopale

Moulins Albigeois

41 rue Porta  81000 Albi

Tél :+ 33 (0)5 63 47 66 66 -

Night at the Hotel Mercure in Albi




  • Guided tour of Albi, birthplace of Toulouse-Lautrec and a UNESCO World Heritage Site- Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (full name Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa, the last two parts named after places in the Tarn), one of France’s most distinctive artists, was born in Albi in November 1864.  2014 marks the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Albi Tourism Office

Palais de la Berbie, Place Sainte-Cécile, 81000 Albi, France                                                            

Sainte-Cécile Cathedral- The Sainte-Cécile Cathedral was built in the 13th century and offers  an astonishing contrast between the outer defensive style and the inner riches of its sumptuous decoration.
5 Boulevard Général Sibille, 81000 Albi, France


  • Le Clos Sainte Cécile- Housed in a former school that was opened in the late 19th century by the Bishop of Albi in an area belonging to the uncle of Toulouse-Lautrec. Today, the restaurant is owned by the Arguel family, 5th generation of Chefs.

Le Clos Sainte Cécile 
3 Rue du Castelviel, 81000 Albi 
Tel + 33 (0)5 63 38 19 74

  • Visit of The Toulouse-Lautrec Museum- Since 1922, over a thousand works, paintings, lithographs, drawings and all posters by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec have been kept and shown at the Museum in Albi. This exceptional collection is on display at the Palais de la Berbie, or Berbia Palace, a powerful fortress built in the 13th century, which has thus become the largest museum in the world to show the works of Toulouse-Lautrec. After more than 10 years of renovation, museum reopened in 2012. 

Palais de la Berbie, Place Sainte-Cécile

81000 Albi, France


  • Dinner at L’Auberge du Pont Vieux

L’Auberge du Pont Vieux

98 Rue Porta, 81000 Albi, France

Phone:+33 5 63 77 61 73

Night at the Hotel Mercure



  • Departure for Camjac and the Château du Bosc

  • Departure for Rodez

Rodez Office of Tourism

10-12 Place de la Cité
12000 Rodez 
+33 5 65 75 76 77


  • Mercure Hôtel check-in

1 Avenue Victor Hugo 12000 Rodez
33 (0)5 65 68 55 19  33 (0)5 65 68 17 41

  • Lunch in Café Bras (located inside the Soulages Museum)- The Cafe Bras is managed by the Chefs Michel and Sébastien Bras.
  •  Visit  of Soulages Museum-Dedicated to the works of Pierre Soulages, one of the most renowned French contemporary artists, the museum houses the works donated to the people of Grand Rodez by Pierre and Colette Soulages in 2005. One of the largest donations ever made by a living artist with almost 500 works of art and documents, it is valued at more than €35 million.

Soulages Museum

+33 05 65 73 82 60                              


  • Dinner at the Restaurant Isabelle Auguy

154 rue Pierre Carrère

Parc d'activités de la Gineste

12000 Rodez -

Night in Rodez     




  • Fenaille Museum in Rodez- A history and archaeology museum with the only collection of statue-menhirs in Europe, dating back 5,000 years. They are the oldest known monument statues in western Europe. The museum visit traces the history of the former Rouergue province of France from its very first human inhabitants (300,000 years ago) to the XVIIth century. It is organised around four main themes: the statue-menhirs, ancient Rodez, the Rouergue province in the Middle Ages, the XVIth century and the Renaissance.

Musée Fenaille

14 Place Eugène Raynaldy

12000 Rodez

Tel 05 65 73 84 30

Afternoon :       

  • Lunch in Rodez at restaurant “Le Coq de la Place”

 Le Coq de la Place

1 Place D'armes, 12000, Rodez, France

0033 565 680 469

  • Vist of Rodez with historic town centre and tour of the Rodez Cathedral- Discover the medieval alleyways of Rodez, the XVth century Canonical House and the XVIth century House of the Annunciation and House of Armagnac. Visit Notre-Dame Cathedral (XIIIth-XVIth centuries) which was once surrounded by medieval ramparts.

Grand Rodez Tourist Office

Phone: 05 65 75 76 77 -

  • Depart for Conques (45min)


  • Dinner and hotel                            

Hervé Busset

Domaine de Cambelong, 12320 Conques

Phone :05 65 72 84 77




  • Conques Abbey visit- A veritable masterpiece of Roman art, the town of Conques which features an abbey, is one of the most important centers of art and spirituality in the West. Damaged during the Religious Wars, abandoned after the Revolution, the Abbey was rediscovered in 1837 by Prosper Mérimée, Inspector-General of Historical Monuments at that time. He recognized the exceptional qualities of the building and supplied the necessary funds for it to be restored.

Conques Tourist Office 

Phone : 33 (0)5 65 72 85 00


  • Lunch at the Auberge St Jacques in Conques

 Rue Gonzague Florens

12320 Conques, France

  • Departure for Toulouse (2 hours and 20 minutes)
  • Check-in at the Hotel Le Clos des Potiers:

Le Clos des Potiers

12 Rue des potiers, 31000 Toulouse

Phone : +33 (0)5 61 47 15 15


  • Dinner at  Chez Navarre, a unique address in Toulouse.

Chez Navarre

Contact : Jérôme Navarre

49 Grande Rue Nazareth - 31000 Toulouse

Phone: +33(0) 5 62 26 43 06

Night in Toulouse