Le Centre des Monuments Nationaux

  • © Philippe Berthé/Centre des monuments nationaux

  • © Philippe Berthé, Centre des monuments nationaux

Le Centre des Monuments Nationaux 62 rue saint-antoine 75186 Paris fr

National monuments: a unique network

Le Centre des monuments nationaux is a public administrative institution governed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It conserves, restores, manages and opens to the public some one hundred monuments which are owned by the French State and listed as historical national monuments. Its properties include the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, Angers Castle, the Château of Azay-le-Rideau, the Castle and ramparts of Carcassonne, the Arc de triomphe and Sainte-Chapelle. Their vast diversity is testimony to France's incredibly rich historical and cultural heritage.

From prehistoric caves to Medieval abbeys, from Renaissance châteaux to Le Corbusier’s modern architecture, we offer a unique way for you to experience history from within.

France’s national monuments await you. Time to visit (or revisit) them!


Centre des monuments nationaux
Hôtel de Sully
62, rue Saint-Antoine
75186 Paris cedex 04

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