Martinique: The Eco-Friendly Island

  • Flora and fauna of Martinique vacation destination island in the Caribbean.

    Flora and fauna of Martinique vacation destination island in the Caribbean.

Martinique: The Eco-Friendly Island Fort de France mq


New ecotourism excursions await visitors to the Isle of Flowers.

NEW YORK, NY – February 4th, 2013 – Martinique, one of the best Caribbean resort vacation destination, prepares to roll out the "GREEN CARPET" to welcome visitors in 2013 with new excursions.
Discover a wide range of nature-themed vacation adventures from north to south. Though small in size (685 square miles), Martinique vacation island boasts a whole world of natural wonders, making it one of the Caribbean's top eco destinations.

Caribbean World Magazine has named Martinique “Best Eco Island of the Year 2012.” Two-thirds of Martinique is designated as protected park land.


The Regional Nature Park of Martinique offers the best Caribbean destination vacation excursions this year. From a boating escape in the mangroves to unforgettable hikes in the mountain—delve into the treasures of Mother Nature in Martinique.

You will get the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy areas of unspoiled natural beauty of the Martinique resorts vacation island that are nurtured and protected, and where development is handled sensitively, leaving minimal impact upon the natural surroundings. There are many ways you can embrace ecologically and culturally sustainable practices while having an extraordinary adventure in the best Caribbean vacation resorts destination. Isn't that the essence of eco-tourism?

The St. Anne Islets Natural Reserve offers beauty in its natural state, where the turquoise water caresses white-sand beaches for this Caribbean destination island of Martinique. Accompanied by a tour guide, you will enjoy a whole day of relaxation, exploring the amazing flora of the mangrove and its unusual fauna. A boat excursion, a hike, warm crystalline water, and Creole cuisine have all been planned to leave you with lasting memories during your vacation.
BONUS: A drum workshop

A guided tour on the Caravelle Trail (3 hours) will leave you breathless with appreciation. The Caravelle Peninsula, a haven of greenery surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its thousand shades of blue was the first part of the pristine Martinique vacation resorts island to emerge from the water 25 million years ago.
Recommendations: Wear a hat, good shoes and carry plenty of water. On your way back, drinks and lunch will be served on site at Château Dubuc.
BONUS: A workshop about weaving the bakwa ("bakoua"), a plant fiber used to make the famous Bakoua, Martinique's traditional hat.

For the most seasoned hikers, climbing the famous Mt. Pelée, a level-3 hike, is an unforgettable experience in the very heart of the Caribbean wild. At the highest point of Martinique (1,390 m), you will marvel at a panorama of extraordinarily green and blue slopes.For the less experienced, the Domaine d'Emeraude, nestled between the Pitons du Carbet and Mount Pelée, is a magnificent place to view and learn about biodiversity. This Caribbean resort will leave you with a spectacular photo album to remember. Due to it's savage and unique nature, Martinique has been one of the favorite destinations for nature-lovers.
BONUS: Jewelry workshop


After a day out in the fresh air, why not settle into a comfortable bed at Le Domaine de Robinson, a seven-room nature-lover's paradise set in the verdant wilds along the southwest shore of Martinique resorts vacation island. From there it's an easy visit to Tonton Leon's farm, which has received the EcoCert label. “Tonton Leon,” as we call it on the island, is Martinique's first organic cultivator; he initiated an agritourism program on the island. Tasting our regional French cuisine will also be part of the discovery. Martinique vacation resorts destination also offers farm-to-table options and promotes the vibrant flavors and sustainable benefits of fresh produce, fish and meats, while giving diners a delicious introduction to the island's rich gastronomy.
Martinique is not just about beautiful landscapes or great cuisine. It is the character of Martinican people, the adventure of experiencing local culture. So channel your inner explorer and start planning your own trip to the best Caribbean resorts vacation destination!


About Martinique (
The best Caribbean vacation island with French flair, The Isle of Flowers, The Rum Capital of the World, The Isle of the Famed Poet (Aimé Césaire) – by any one of its many names Martinique remains one of the one of the most alluring and enchanting destinations in the world.
This best Caribbean vacation resorts destination was named “Top Caribbean Island for Delectable Dining” in 2009 by Caribbean Travel + Life, and “Best Caribbean Destination” (2010) by The bay of Fort-de-France, the capital city of Martinique vacation Resorts Island, is among the most beautiful bays of the world. 
Martinique is an overseas region of France that stirs the passions with distinctive culinary delights, awe-inspiring natural beauty, a rich cultural history, warm smiles and so much more. Napoleon's bride, Empress Josephine, was born and raised in Martinique. The Majestic Mt. Pelée volcano and St. Pierre, The Pompeii of the Caribbean are found here. Martinique also offers a dynamic art scene and a wide array of local products. One of the best Caribbean resorts vacation destinations for sure, with so much to offer – Martinique c'est magnifique!