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Olivier Ratsi

In partnership with Digitalarti

Born in 1972 and currently based in Paris, Olivier Ratsi began exploring visual arts within the context of electronic music in the late 1990s. During this time, he mixed both still and animated images for electronic music festivals under the pseudonym Emovie, rubbing elbows with personalities such as Jeff Mills, Scan X, Ellen Allien,
Sven Väth, etc.

In an environment where sound, light and space telescope into one another, Ratsi deconstructs time and space through a series of photographs that are part of his project WYSI*not*WYG (What You See Is *NOT* What You Get), started in 2005.

Baptized Anarchitecture, these fragmented photos taken in South Korea, France and Tunisia portray an urban jungle where retouched buildings seem to dislocate
and partially disappear, challenging viewers to mentally reconstruct missing reality.

In 2006-2007, Ratsi founded the visual label Antivj along with Yannick Jacquet and Romain Tardy, who would later be joined by Joanie Lemercier. Together they question VJing and image mixing, while creating genuinely audio-visual performances, installations and projection mapping on buildings and outdoor stages, sculpting light according to "geometric concepts"…

In parallel with his Antivj activities, Ratsi continues his personal research in space perception. One
example is Echolyse, a series of projects such as Onion Skin, a hypnotic and immersive installation based on perspective and sight lines that disorients the viewer, creating the illusion of a "fictitious three-dimensional space".

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