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The Ports of Toulon Bay, the new cruise ships’ Eldorado

 The  Ports  of  Toulon  Bay are  exhibiting  at  the  Seatrade  Cruise  Global,  a  major  event  for  the international cruise industry that will take place from 14 to 17 March at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.    Representatives  of  the  Ports  of  Toulon  Bay  will  be  present  on  the French  Pavillon, a 150 square meters’ booth, next to other ports and Cruise Clubs leaders on the market: the Marseille Cruise Club, the  French  Riviera  Cruise  Club,  the  Var  Provence  Cruise  Club,  the  port  of  Sète,  the  ports  of  Ajaccio and Bastia for Corsica Island will be there too, strengthening the presence of Mediterranean ports.  

Located in the most beautiful Bay in Europe, the Ports of Toulon Bay, comprising the ports of Toulon  and  La  Seyne-sur-Mer,  have  encountered  a  steady  increase  of  traffic  during  the  past  four years.  2016  is  going  to  be  the  year  that  beat  all  records:  146  calls  are  scheduled  (a  growth  of  23% compared to 2015) and among them 16 maiden calls, 25 double calls and 2 triple calls!  The Ports of Toulon Bay also comfort their leadership in term of ferry traffic to Corsica, far ahead of Marseille and Nice. In total, they will welcome 312 900 cruise passengers all year long, from January to December.  

Moreover, the  pattern  of  the  cruise  passengers  that  travel  to  Toulon/La  Seyne-sur-Mer is changing. The passengers  have a higher purchasing power than the years before,  which impacts the local  economy  in  a  good  way  (purchase  of  goods,  excursions...).    The  Ports  of  Toulon  Bay arebecoming an attracting destination for upscale companies: among the 16 maiden calls scheduled, the ships Mein Schiff 4 (TUI), Seven Seas Navigator and Seven Seas Explorer (Regent Seven Seas) belong to  upscale  lines; the Mein  Schiff  5  (TUI)  and  the Viking  (Viking  Cruises),  two  brand-new  and  luxury ships, have also chosen to call at Toulon/La Seyne-sur-Mer.

The  Ports  of  Toulon  Bay  appear  like  the  new  cruise  ships’  Eldorado  because  of  their numerous advantages. Located in the most sheltered bay in the Med, Toulon/La Seyne-sur-Mer are protected  from  prevailing  winds  and  can  ensure  100%  of  berth  allocation  even in  case  of  bad weather.  Also,  Toulon/La  Seyne-sur-Mer are  the  most  secured  ports  in  Europe  thanks  to  their  full ISPS compliance and the presence of the French Navy in the Bay.
The  Var  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  Industry,  who  manages  the  Ports  of  Toulon  Bay, conducts  a dynamic  policy  which  leads  to  develop  high  quality  welcome  standards.  Some  services  provided  in 2015  will  be  renewed  in  2016  like  the   Cruise  friendly  Label  (a  partnership  with  91  local  shops, restaurants  and  tourism  providers),  a  shuttle  service  to  ensure a transport  connection  between Toulon and La Seyne-sur-Mer, or a free Wi-Fi service in the cruise terminals.  
Other  services  are  completely  new:  a  parking  lot  at  La  Seyne-sur-Mer  (only 7  minutes  on  foot  from the cruise terminal); new cultural, sportive or family-oriented shore excursions for an exclusive guest experience;  a  new  alternative  at  anchor  is  now  available  in  the  Bay  by  transforming  the Palais  du Commerce et de la Mer, an ultra-modern conference room, into an ephemeral Cruise Terminal with a  Provencal  market;  at  last,  a  brand-new  Cruise  Terminal  will  open  in  Spring  2016  at  La  Seyne-sur-Mer.

2016 - What’s new in the Ports of Toulon Bay?

- A brand new terminal will open in Spring, at La Seyne-sur-Mer
In line with its strategy to focus on quality, the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry plans the delivery of a new cruise terminal in La Seyne-sur-Mer in the first quarter of 2016. This brand new terminal will accommodate ships, passengers and crew under optimized conditions, especially for turn-around operations.

- New excursions are now available in sporting, cultural/historical and gastronomy fields

Discover them in the “New excursions to experience" PDF. Click here to download.

- New alternative at anchor

The Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry came up with an innovative way to welcome the calls at anchor. It decided to transform the Palais du Commerce et de la Mer (PCM), a spacious conference hall, into a temporary cruise terminal with a Provencal market. The Mein Schiff 2 experienced this kind of call last summer, and it was such that the ship renewed it in September.

- Renewal of the quality label “Cruise Friendly”

“Always friendly” could be the tagline of the Ports of Toulon Bay; to follow up this course of action, its Marketing and Cruise Department launched in 2013 an hospitality label named “Cruise Friendly”, especially designed for the local partners and storekeepers. In 2015, 91 local partners agreed to sign the hospitality label (70 at Toulon and 21 at La Seyne-sur-Mer); they were 54 in 2014 (+ 68% growth in one year!).

For 2016, the Marketing team will enlarge the number of partners again!


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