Shopping ideas on the Northern French coast

Shopping ideas on the Northern French coast 14800 Deauville fr

What will you bring home for your grandmother, your parents, your brother and sister, your friends or just for yourself?

At Touquet Paris-Plage, the chocolates from the « Chat Bleu » chocolate shop are an institution and will delight the taste buds of your loved ones at home. 
Are you in need of inspiration? At Docks Vauban, a structure made of bricks and glass that covers more than 60 000 m² in the very heart of Le Havre, you can discover a veritable temple of shopping. You will be spoilt for choice!  
Don’t leave Deauville without your polo shirt! Founded in 2010 by Philippe de Nicolay, the president of the Deauville polo club, and inspired by over a century of history, « Polo de Deauville » designs collections that are equally at home in town as they are on the sports field. It is a perfect blend of elegance and a competitive spirit.

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