The tasting glass

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    Verres de vin

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The tasting glass

The shape of the wine glass is particularly important when tasting wine.

Whatever glass is used, it must be clean and transparent. Coloured glasses should be avoided as they do not enable the colour of the wine to be fully appreciated.

The components of the glass :

- The bowl : This is the part that contains the wine. It must have a wide base in order to oxidise the wine and allow it to release all of its aromatic potential; it is narrower at the top in order to concentrate the aromas at the top of the glass.

- The stem : Situated below the bowl, it enables the glass to be held without covering or warming the wine.

- The foot : This is the base of the glass, it is in contact with the table and keeps the glass stable. In order to better observe the colour of the wine or to aerate it, you can hold the glass by the foot rather than the stem. 


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