Tell Us What You Think: National Tourism Conference

  • The Assises du Tourism

    The Assises du Tourism

Tell Us What You Think: National Tourism Conference



With 83 million visitors per year, France is the premiere tourist destination in the world, but as a country, we strive to always offer more, and make sure we are meeting the needs of our visitors from around the world.

In light of this, the French government decided to organize the National Tourism Conference (Assises du Tourisme), in France as well as abroad, that would allow us to define a precise and ambition plan of action to reach our goals.

Whatever your interest, be it as a seasoned traveler to France, someone just planning to travel to France, a French resident abroad, or as a travel professional—you are all invited to share your ideas and suggestions in the following survey, open to everyone from December 5, 2013 to January 31, 2014.

Your experiences and unique points of view are welcome. Please share with us! 

French Minister of Tourism