1- Avignon: Alterosa rose event

concert shadows

© C. Rodde 


Alterarosa, the rose event in Avignon, will take place from May 19-21.
The roses will fill the Palace of the Popes with their fragrant blooms, and the public will have the chance to discover the great rose growers’ latest creations.

The event will spread out through the entire city of Avignon with a pink display for more conviviality and artistic discoveries. Do not miss: the huge picnic in the garden with a concert on Sunday, the pink “tour” of the city, trainings, exhibitions, conferences and many other surprises.



2-   The fire of Flamenco in Nîmes 


night illumination castle

Nîmes Festival Flamenco Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía © Luis Castilla  

Musicians and dancers of all kinds reflect the diversity in the world of Flamenco. Film, exhibitions, and classes pepper the calendar for the whole month of January. 




3- Wine tastings and specialties in Dijon

viw of dijon at night


An architecturally delightful starting point for Burgundy wine tasting, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to unforgettable landscapes, with wine tastings offered year-round.



4- Jazz lovers unite in Clermont Ferrand 

jazz player



Welcoming thousands of musicians and thousands more spectators since the late 80s, Jazz en Tête celebrates open-minded music from October 23–27, 2018.