Top Reasons to Visit Burgundy in 2013

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    © Alain Doire - Bourgogne Tourisme

  • Hotel Dieu  - Beaune

    Hotel Dieu - Beaune

    © Alain Doire - Bourgogne Tourisme

Top Reasons to Visit Burgundy in 2013

In the footsteps of the Dukes of Burgundy
A large event bringing about a diverse range of activities, this year, Burgundy invites you to travel through time during the Middle Ages by following in the footsteps of the Dukes of Burgundy. 2013 marks a major event: after many years of work, the Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon opens its renovated and extended Medieval and Renaissance rooms. An occasion, which, amongst other things, allows you to see the famous tombs of the Dukes of Burgundy, the Mourners (which were recently exhibited around the US and other countries) and other works from this lavish period.

Famous wines
Romanée-Conti, Puligny-Montrachet, Chablis, Pouilly-Fuisse, Meursault, Pommard... The vineyards of Burgundy stretch from north to south, producing some of the most prestigious wines in the world. Five wine routes, dotted with cellars, restaurants and others sites devoted to wine and vineyards, provide everyone with the opportunity to taste the wonderful wines of Burgundy. Not forgetting that Burgundy is the birthplace of pinot noir and chardonnay.

Burgundy, the land of ‘bon vivants’, can be enjoyed in a thousand different ways: in a listed Michelin-starred restaurant, or a small country inn, by taking a cooking course or enjoying a fantastic picnic alongside the Burgundy canal ... Kir®, Charolais beef, Bresse poultry, mustard and gingerbread are plentiful. It's impossible to resist the temptation!

Burgundy, a region that is synonymous with heritage
The riches of Burgundy's past are well known, but its diversity less so. There are about thirty sites that are considered essential viewing, that bear witness to many a beautiful site: towns and villages, spiritually significant sites and chateaus, archaeological sites and landscapes. Enjoy exploring all corners of the region with one aspect that will follow you wherever you go: the way of life of the Burgundy region.

Burgundy by boat
Hotel-barges are what dreams are made of, magical places from which to discover Burgundy and its canals. The crew takes care of everything, including meals. The barges operating in Burgundy offer cruises ranging from 2 to 7 days. They are able to accommodate anywhere from 6 to 24 people. Cruises are usually offered on a full-board basis and include excursions, visits to wine cellars and monuments, and, at times, transfers from Paris.

Famous names
Vauban (Sébastien Le Prestre, Marquis of Vauban, 1633-1707) is particularly well known as the military architect that gave France a defensive belt of fortresses), Gustave Eiffel (father of the eponymous tower was born in Dijon, he offered France it's most famous landmark), Louis Chevrolet (born in Switzerland, he lived in Beaune when he was young, a car mechanics enthusiast, he moved to the USA where he created his famous company), Pierre Larousse (the father of our French dictionary), N°5 de Chanel (blackcurrant buds ‘Noir de Bourgogne’ are part of the composition of the most famous perfumes of France). 

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