Top Reasons to Visit Champagne in 2013

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Top Reasons to Visit Champagne in 2013

Perfect location

The Champagne region is located less than one hour away to the east of Paris, extends to the Belgian border, and is neighbors with the region of Burgundy.

The region benefits from an easy and quick access thanks to major motorways and the TGV.

From the Charles De Gaulle Airport, you can reach the Coronation city of Reims, located in the heart of Champagne, in only 30 minutes with the TGV. This high-speed train also links the city center of Paris to the city center of Reims, with its many prestigious champagne houses, in only 45 minutes.

All the major towns are also accessible by train in the region; Reims and Troyes, the 2 biggest regional cities, are just 150km away from Paris !


Come and visit our famous champagne houses (Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, G.H. Mumm, Taittinger,...) to discover (almost) all the secrets of production: from the origins of the discoveries by the monk Dom Pérignon to the current method of production of this "wine of Kings".

And, of course, each guided tour in the cellars ends with a tasting of this delicious nectar, symbol of happiness and joy, which is the perfect reflection of the atmosphere in Champagne !

And what about trying your hand at the champagne harvest in September ? This unique experience brings together lovers of champagne who share a common passion for this wine.

You will always have a good reason to come to Champagne !


In the small village of Essoyes, next to Troyes, the Renoir family invites you to share its creative palette. No theories here, no big words : simplicity and fantasy reign here. One paints and the other makes films. Some are actors, others ceramists, models, cooks or photographers. Here, you could visit Renoir's Space. From here, you will follow a marked trail through the village to join the master's studio, a place of dream and immersion.

Upstairs, Renoir is still there cherishing the line of his brush. Feel free to enjoy these moments of happiness or meditate on the quest for what Renoir, amazed, called « the secret of painting ».

UNESCO heritage

UNESCO has chosen to register five sites of Champagne on the list of the World Heritage sites, thereby giving them an exceptional value world-wide.

It is an achievement for those heritage sites such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral where 33 Kings of France were crowned for over eight centuries or the basilica in l'Epine both of which are a stop on the road to Santiago de Compostella.


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