Van Gogh trip: from Paris to Auvers-sur-Oise

  • Touristes à Auvers sur Oise

    © ©P.Greboval/CRTPidF

    Touristes à Auvers sur Oise

    © ©P.Greboval/CRTPidF

  • Autoportrait bleu - Van Gogh

    © © Musée d'Orsay, dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Patrice Schmidt

    Autoportrait bleu - Van Gogh

    © © Musée d'Orsay, dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Patrice Schmidt

  • Salle_Van_Gogh

    © ©Musée d'Orsay / S.Boegly


    © ©Musée d'Orsay / S.Boegly

  • Domaine de la Corniche à Rolleboise / CRT_04892

    © ©B. Linero

    Domaine de la Corniche à Rolleboise / CRT_04892

    © ©B. Linero

Van Gogh trip: from Paris to Auvers-sur-Oise

From the precursors of Impressionism to those who were inspired by it, many sites in Paris and its region have been marked by great painters such as Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Degas…High point for 2015: the international celebration of the 125th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh’s death means it’s the ideal time to visit Auvers-sur-Oise. Find more information and itinerary on the Paris region website for tourism professionals.


2pm: tour of the Musée d’Orsay discovering the famous collection of Impressionist paintings and the Van Gogh rooms (1h30)

The Musée d’Orsay has 24 paintings by Vincent van Gogh that retrace his artistic development between Paris and Arles. They are a testimony to the painter’s genius that led him beyond Impressionism, to open a new and singular artistic path.The Parisian period is illustrated by works such as Autoportrait de 1887 (Self-portrait of 1887), L’Italienne (The Italian Woman),  Le Restaurant de la Sirène à Asnières (Restaurant de la Sirène at Asnières) or Les Fritillaires (Fritillaries).In these paintings are the colours and lights that Van Gogh borrowed from the Impressionists.The works created in the south of France are celebrated in particular by La Chambre de Van Gogh à Arles (Van Gogh’s Room in Arles), La Méridienne, La Nuit étoilé (Starry Night) or the Autoportrait de 1889 (Self-portrait of 1889). From Van Gogh’s last few days spent in Auvers-sur-Oise, the museum exhibits major paintings such as Le Portrait du Dr Gachet and L’Église d’Auvers-sur-Oise.

1 rue de la Légion d’Honneur

75007 Paris

Musée et Compagnie(bulk tickets)

+33 (0)1 40 13 49 13

For group bookings, use the online form


3.30pm: break at the Musée d’Orsay restaurant (30min) With its authentic1900s décor listed as a historical monument.

Laurence Corbet-Legris(Groupe Elior)

+33 (0)1 58 01 12 11


4pm: transfer to Place St Georges(+/- 30min)


4.30 - 6.30pm: NEW guided tour In the footsteps of Van Gogh in Montmartre with the Montmartre Tourist Board (2h)This picturesque stroll follows the Parisian path of the great painterthrough the heart of Montmartre, from Père Tanguy’s shop to the cabarets (Chat-Noir, Tambourin, etc.). A secret passage reveals the rural atmosphere of the Butte Montmartre in 1886 with its old windmills that inspired so many paintings.

Catherine Roudon

+33 (0)1 42 62 21 21



8.45am: transfer to Auvers-sur-Oise(+/- 1h15; +/- 30km)

10 - 10.30am: tour of La Maison-Atelier de Daubigny(30min)

This landscape painter created the first artist’s hostel in Auvers.

61 rue Daubigny

95430 Auvers-sur-Oise

Marie-France Gillet

+33 (0)1 30 36 60 60


10.30am - 12pm: guided tour of the village of Auvers Sur les pas de Van Gogh (In the footsteps of Van Gogh) with the Tourism Information Office, including the church and the cemetery (1h30)

Laurent Olivier

+33 (0)1 34 48 00 10


12 - 12.45pm: tour of Van Gogh’s bedroom in Auberge Ravoux (45min)


12.45 - 2.15pm: lunch at Auberge Ravoux (1h30)

Place de la Mairie

95430 Auvers-sur-Oise

Marie-France Gillet

+33 (0)1 30 36 60 60
2.30 - 3.15pm: tour of the Musée de l’Absinthe and tasting (45min)

44 rue Callé

95430 Auvers-sur-OiseMarie-Claude Delahaye

+33 (0)1 30 36 83 26

3.30 - 5pm: show Voyage au temps des Impressionnistes (A journey through the Impressionist era) at Château d’Auvers (1h30)

5 - 5.30pm: break at the patio garden of the Château d’Auvers restaurant (bookings required)

Rue de Léry

95430 Auvers-sur-OiseLaurent Mandallaz

+33 (0)1 34 48 48 55

5.30 - 6.45pm: return from Auverssur-Oise to Paris(+/- 1h15; +/- 30Km)