Wellbeing: men are also taking the plunge

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Wellbeing: men are also taking the plunge

Let's face it gentlemen, we can't all look like George Clooney.  But just because women have a weakness for greying hair, it doesn't mean they're necessarily as fond of love handles.  Shape and body image play a serious role in society today - women might dream of a different type of six-pack than you do -, which explains, in part, the recent infatuation we have with our bodies, with health, wellbeing, and nutrition.  We all know that a well-maintained body lasts longer...  healthy body, healthy mind, after all!

Women are no longer the only ones preoccupied by concept.  French health centres have understood this and, aside from their traditional anti-stress and relaxation treatments for all, they are offering more and more programs aimed exclusively at Monsieur.  

Hard core fitness or programs to get slowly back into shape, seawater treatments and the simple pleasures of cocooning...  Wellness for men works on the physique and on enhancing wellbeing through the virtues of water.    

Amongst its new offers, the Thalassa Sea & Spa Thalassotherapy Institute has developed a special program for new mothers...  where fathers are pampered too!  Here, they can enjoy a stay between forests and the sea that combines the ultimate spa experience with golf.

In the Pyrenees Orientales, the "Monsieur Nature" cure at Amélie-les-Bains' thermal spa offers cycling, golf, the "Morpho Plus Homme" and "Néojeunesse Homme by Kéraskin" treatments.

For the truly athletic type, the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa has developed a personalised "Starter Sportif" program, which includes numerous physical activities and slimming, balance and escape programs like "Minceur & Equilibre",  "Evasion & Bien-être"...

Be prepared ladies... your men are getting in shape for you!