WWI Tours in France

WWI Tours in France

Want to get away from the touristy spots? Interested in going on a tour to learn more about the Great War in France? Here is a list of tour operators that can help you design a perfect trip to France that will help you to better understand the history of World War I.

Commemorative Great War 100th Anniversary Cruise with CroisiEurope

From September 19 to September 25, 2017, embark on a journey through the history of World War I with CroisiEurope. This unique commemorative trip will tour historically significent sites in France and Belgium to pay homeage to the beginning of the "war to end all wars." Visitors will explore the war's historical impact during memorial visits, battlefield tours, war museum excursions and cultural immersion experiences. Click here for more information and to book your tickets. 

Agencies with Regular Great War Tours

Academic Arrangements Abroad

 Academic Arrangements Abroad has been around providing well-planned tours all around the world since 1977. “Remembering World War I: France & Belgium” is one of the signature tours that Academic Arrangements Abroad offers to its customers. Click here for the direct link of the tour.

Academic Travel Abroad (Smithsonian Journeys)

Since 1950, Academic Travel Abroad has been dedicated to introducing exquisite culture tours to its travelers. Follow the military historian Mitch Yockelson for an amazing tour of “Remembering the Great War” sponsored by Smithsonian Journeys. Click here for more information about the tour.

Back Roads Touring

If you only want part of your trip in France to be Great War-related, the “WWI Battlefields Weekend” tour offered by Back-Roads Touring gives you a chance to spend three days away from the cities and modernity. Click here for more information about the tour.


If you are interested in the sites of historical battles in France, Explorica might be a good choice for you. The “Battlefields of Europe” tour is designed to satisfy your curiosity about battlefields. Click here to learn more.

Military Historical Tours, Inc.

As you can tell from the agency’s name, it is a tour company that specializes in military historical tours. Thus at the centennial of the Great War, of course this agency offers tours about the World War I. This year’s tour may have ended, but do check out the itinerary in preparation for next year perhaps. Click here for the itinerary.

Valor Tours

Valor Tours is another experienced military tour operator that may have what you are looking for. In May 2016, Valor Tour will lead a tour of WWI centennial series in Verdun. If you are interested, click here for more information.


Agencies with Customized Great War Tours


With a passionate team, ACIS is known for its aim to find educational ways to travel. Each tour has a different objective. Click here to find the perfect tour for you!

Adventures & Voyages

This is a tour operator that is aiming to tailor everything to your needs. If you want to design your own tour of the Great War in France, Adventures & Voyages might be of great help! Click here to find out more.

Celestial Voyagers

Celestial Voyagers is a travel consultancy that offers rich information and great help for planning out a trip for special interests. Your centennial tour in France may just need this one to perfect
your experience! Click here for more.

Concept Tours

Love music and travel? Concept Tours might just have what you’re looking for. Check out the website for more information about a customized WWI historical tour in France. Click here for detail.

Enchanted France

Personalized tours with Enchanted France can be enjoyable, memorable, and pleasurable. Click here to book your tour of the Great War with Enchanted France.

Europe Express

Europe Express is an expert in tour operator in Europe. You can choose to have personalized travel plans or group travel plans with Europe Express. Furthermore, the resources this tour agency hold can be of great help when you plan your trip to France. Click here to know more.

France Journeys

France Journeys shares their passion by designing the customized tours for travelers to France. The owner and founder Sandy McDowell is a France Specialist certified by Atout France. With her knowledge and resources, you will be sure to have a perfect experience in France. Click here for details.

International Seminar Design

Doesn’t a trip with a historian or an art professor sound fascinating? Here at International Seminar Design, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an educational tour with an expert by your side. Click here for more information.

Latitude Travel & Tours

Latitude Travel & Tours offers tours to multiple destinations at a great liberty. This travel company may have much to offer for a personalized tour to France under the theme of the Great War. Click here for more information.

Stephen Ambrose Tours

This tour agency specializes in historical tours mastering war-related history. Whether you are interested in themed tours or customized tours, Stephen Ambrose will tailor the tour to reach your expectation. Click here to see more.

Vantage Deluxe World Travel

Need help designing a perfect trip to France to celebrate the centennial of the Great War? Vantage Deluxe World Travel may have what you need. It is a comprehensive travel agency that aims to provide an amazing experience for travelers around the world. Click here for details.