Rendez-vous at the Tête des Faux

  • Abri du Devin

    © ADT/Jacques Louis Delpal

    Abri du Devin

    © ADT/Jacques Louis Delpal

Rendez-vous at the Tête des Faux 68650 Lapoutroie fr

The Tête des Faux is home to a smaller battlefield, but one that is rich in German military architecture. On 2nd December 1914, the 28th and 30th Alpine Chasers Battalions and a battalion of the 215th IR stormed the Tête des Faux, 1,220 m, dislodging the Bavarian units. On Christmas night 1914, the summit once again saw fighting as the Germans launched a vigorous counterattack.

The battle, fought in extreme conditions in a deep layer of snow, has become legend. Its toll was a heavy one: 600 men from both armies were put out of action in one single night. The Germans established themselves just below and built impressive fortifications on the eastern flank that permanently dictated the situation. The Duchesne Cemetery, to the south, and the Etang du Devin Cemetery to the north, were both founded in 1915 and remain among the most authentic in the region.

Planning your visit

Opening hours: open access. Difficult conditions during the winter
Admission: free. Guided tours (F): free - by reservation only. School groups: free
Getting there: RD 415 to the village of Le Bonhomme; on leaving the village take the  local road on the left near the cemetery. Continue as far as the refuge - Vehicle access forbidden
Car park: yesCoach parking space: 0


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