Attractive huts in the trees

Published on December 09, 2013
Attractive huts in the trees 75000 Paris fr

For a number of years, the desire to get back to those childhood games and return to nature has led to the success of the wooden huts built in large trees. Ranging from basic to very comfortable, for a price that is neither more nor less than for ordinary accommodation, you can wake up to the sound of birdsong and the smell of the pine trees.

These tree houses can be located in the garden of a bed and breakfast, in hotel grounds or sometimes in the middle of a forest in the mountains.


- Ecotagnes: a gîte-tree house in the middle of the Savoy Alps, near Annecy

- Le Pavillon vert: gite-type tree house accommodation in hundred-year-old oak trees, near Avignon

In the heart of the Mediterranean Pyrenees (not far from Perpignan)

Montozarbres, a forest site nestling in Prats-de-Mollo, proposes a fairly usual, fun discovery centre (an acrobatic tree walk, rope bridges, etc.) plus a night in a tree house, or a night in a "bivouac" sleeping under the stars, in a hammock, simulating a night in the Amazon jungle in Guyane (where a sheltered hammock is called a "carbet").

A hut and a Russian dacha, near Saint-Malo

In a leisure centre of 200 hectares, in Brittany, all types of accommodation are available in the Ormes' domain, including tree houses and a traditional Russian wooden hut.

Between Finistère and Morbihan

Huts in Bretagne and Nid d'Iroise are two more delightful addresses in Brittany, which add an environmental approach to the tree houses plus a "zen attitude" (massages or spa treatments), etc.

Hut spirit

Hut spirit is a site run by enthusiasts who have initiated a quality charter, "Robinson", and a list of private individuals who offer accommodation.


At Signy l’Abbaye in the Ardennes

For life up on high, « Le Chêne Perché », invites you inside one of its tree houses. From March to December, you can book one of these houses and sleep comfortably in a rustic interior, equipped with eco-friendly toilets and accessible via a safe footbridge…


Discover also original nights such as in a troglodyte house, on the river, in a work of art, in a lighthouse, in a yurt or in a house-drawn caravan.

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