Be part of Goût de / Good France

Published on November 25, 2014
  • Blanquette of veal with chanterelles

    Blanquette of veal with chanterelles

    © Pierre Monetta

  • Beillevaire cheese shop

    Beillevaire cheese shop

    © Pierre Monetta

  • Rech's dessert

    Rech's dessert

    © Pierre Monetta

  • WD 50 – J’aime New-York

    WD 50 – J’aime New-York

    © Pierre Monetta

  • Viajante - J’aime Londres

    Viajante - J’aime Londres

    © Pierre Monetta

Be part of Goût de / Good France

March 19, 2015
Be part of Goût de / Good France

“1000 chefs, 1000 menus, 5 continents”

Goût de / Good France, an initiative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Development, will celebrate French cuisine and its values of sharing in various locations worldwide on March 19, 2015. A total of 1000 chefs on all five continents are expected to join the event on the eve of spring.

From haute cuisine to fine-dining bistros, chefs from all over the world are invited to participate in this great celebratory event.

The deadline to register, including submitting menu proposals is December 15, 2014. A committee of international chefs will select 1000 restaurants to participate in the event. The selection of final candidates will be published in January, 2015.

During the Goût de/Good France event, an international communication plan will be made available to participating chefs, in an effort to promote their dishes, and their savoir faire, all over the world with active support from French embassies and Atout France.


Each menu will add value to the diversity of French gastronomy, as chefs will have the freedom to integrate quality produce from their own country to their menu proposals.

ONE GUIDELINE FOR ALL, to follow one meal sequence:

One traditional French aperitif :
- champagne and gougeres (stuffed or not)
- iced cognac with foie gras

•  One cold appetizer 
• One hot appetizer
• One fish or shell-fish based course
• One meat or poultry based course 
• One or a selection of French cheeses
• One chocolate dessert
• A selection of French wines
• One French liqueur

Menus will emphasize vegetables to represent the values of healthy eating by reducing fat, sugar, and salt content, as well as the values of environmental responsibility.


Menu pricing will be at the restaurants' discretion. Each participant will donate 5% of their proceeds to a charity of their choice, working towards respecting health and the environment.

Contact: Valérie Leveziel d’Arc, Goût de / Good France event coordinator :

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