Rouen: The History of Joan of Arc, the Maiden of Orléans

Published on February 27, 2017
  • Historial Jeanne d’Arc (Exterior)

    Historial Jeanne d’Arc (Exterior)

    © Thomas Boivin

  • Jeanne D'Arc, originaire de la ville de Donrémy en Lorraine

    Jeanne D'Arc, originaire de la ville de Donrémy en Lorraine

    © Arnaud Bertereau - Agence Mona

  • View of Rouen's Archbishop Palace

    View of Rouen's Archbishop Palace

    © Thomas Boivin - Métropole Rouen Normandie

  • Interactive Equipment

    Interactive Equipment

    © Agence Clément Farrel

Rouen: The History of Joan of Arc, the Maiden of Orléans 7 rue Saint-Romain 76000 Rouen fr

The city of Joan of Arc's trial and the place of her execution at the stake in 1431: Rouen honors the memory of this heroine of French history with the dedication of the famous Bishop's Palace, transformed into a museum. 

 Undeniably symbolic, the building echoes the tragic events endured by the Maiden of Orléans during the 15th century. It officially opened as a museum on March 21, 2015. 

The Historial Jeanne d’Arc serves as both a museum and a memorial to recount the historic itinerary of the war leader and one of the Catholic Church's most popular saints.

The first phase of the museum is focused on discovery: discovering the history behind this tragic woman who gave everything to the Kingdom of France. To this effect, an immersive experience will take you to the heart of the 15th century when events were brought to a boiling point.

The second phase will take you through the myth surrounding Joan of Arc in the Mythothèque.

Multimedia Displays

The Museum’s architectural excellence —Gothic-Roman vaults and 15th century tour— blended with state-of-the-art technology features a unique experience. The 1000 m2 interactive journey incorporates:

  • 3D mapping for landscape and character morphing;
  • projections, including back projections, on the building’s glass and stone surface;
  • audiovisual equipment such as graphic panels, translation aids (available in five languages), and interactive terminals.

This innovative cross between a show and a tour connects history to the modern world for a complete immersion.

Spread across seven areas, the creative multimedia course plunges visitors at the heart of the fiery 15th century.

You become a detective as well as a spectator in the extraordinary tale of a gripping legal prosecution. About 20 actors reenact the hearing which includes historic testimonies from the original trial transcripts.

The enthralling 75-minute circuit combines gothic architecture with the latest technology to depict the tragic fate of the woman who shaped France’s destiny.

Discover the Myth

In the three rooms dedicated to the legend surrounding the French Heroine, the Mythothèque offers the keys to an engaging debate on historiography and politics. The perspective observes how history and people assimilated, integrated, memorized, and over time, transformed Joan of Arc’s narrative.

This second interactive circuit introduces Jeanne de la République (Joan of the Republic), the Catholic Church, historians, and the art objects she inspired. The space presents a film, as well as rich documentation available for individual consultation in five languages.


Historial Jeanne d'Arc
7, rue Saint-Romain
76000 Rouen

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