Top Reasons to Travel with Rail Europe in 2014

Published on January 28, 2014
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Top Reasons to Travel with Rail Europe in 2014

Rail Europe and France
France is the #1 destination for Rail Europe’s clients. There is no better way for travelers to experience the real France than with Rail Europe. 

Rail Europe makes it easy.
Train travel continues to be one of the most popular, convenient, and fun ways to see Europe. Rail Europe is a one-stop-shop for planning and booking rail travel, offering the widest range of rail passes and train tickets to NorthAmerican travelers. Rail Europe provides a worry-free, cost and time-effective experience by letting customers purchase tickets and plan travel details in advance.

Rail Europe’s France products
Rail Europe is the exclusive distributor of the France Rail Pass in North America. E-tickets are available to purchase on all high speed trains in France. Rail Europe also offers special City Sightseeing cards, including Paris Visite, Paris Pass, Lyon Le Grand Tour, Marseille Le Grand Tour, Avignon Palais de Papes, plus museum passes and tours of popular cities/towns. 

New Rail Lines in France and beyond
Continued improvements and new high speed connections mean faster travel times on international routes, bringing France closer to neighboring countries such as Spain. Since December 15, 2013, it is possible to connect Barcelona and Paris in 6hours and 25 minutes. And for those who would like to break the journey, just 3 hours away from the 2 cities, it is possible to stop to visit the best preserved Roman ruins in Nimes. Other new high speed connections include the high speed line from Freiburg in Germany to Paris and from Basel in Switzerland to Marseille.

Rail Europe’s Online Innovations
The Rail Europe iPhone App offers travelers a convenient and seamless way to travel throughout Europe on-the-go, providing a digital itinerary and rail guide all rolled into one. 

Jennifer Mestayer at Zeno Group