Opening of the Caves du Louvre

  • Caves du Louvre entrance

    © Caves du Louvre - DR

    Caves du Louvre entrance

    © Caves du Louvre - DR

Opening of the Caves du Louvre 52, rue de l'Arbre Sec 75001 Paris fr

The Caves du Louvre, a unique cultural and multi-sensory experience dedicated to wine!

From 19 October, visitors to Paris will be able to visit a magnificent wine-cellar built in the 18th century, right in the heart of the city, to provide wine to the court of King Louis XV.

A special guide... your smartphone

This is one of the largest (and oldest) cellars in the capital, which you can discover this autumn on an entertaining and interactive visit thanks to a very special guide... 

Before your visit, you’ll be able to download a smartphone app which will guide you through the cellar (see link opposite). You’ll then be able to visit at your own pace, following videos, explanations, anecdotes and even a quiz.

With your smartphone in hand, head off on a sensory journey exploring the mysteries of the world of wine. A whole host of surprises and discoveries await as you make your way through the 600m2 area of vaulted cellars nestling under the streets of Paris.


Five senses in five rooms

The visit follows a sensory itinerary, organised around the five different senses and finishing with a tasting of red and white wines.

  • First room: touch
    an evocation of soil, looking at the soil composition of the terroir in different parts of France and its different grape varieties. 


  • Second room: smell
    discover the scents of almond, leather, raspberry and mint which are often present in wine.

  • Third room: taste
    exploration of the initial flavours which stay in the mouth after tasting a wine

  • Fourth room: hearing
    listen to the fizz of sparkling wine and the sound of birdsong in the vineyards

  • Fifth room: sight

    learn to recognise the beautiful colours of wine and admire some of the most attractive


An enjoyable introduction to oenology

This enjoyable introductory tour (approximately 1hr) will leave you with a real desire to learn more about the wonderful world of wine and oenology.