Cellar Visits and Tastings in Alsace

The Alsace Wine Route is much more than just a scenic way for visitors to admire the countryside, architecture and food: it also leads the way to the doors of wine cellars and tasting rooms, most of which are open all year round!

Over 100 villages line the Alsace Wine Route, and you're sure to find a warm welcome in each one, as you visit cellars where the producer will be delighted to give you a tasting of his or her wines.Visitors will always be given a warm welcome in Alsace wineries, whether they are independent winemakers, producer-négoçiants or members of cooperatives.

The on-line Annuaire du Vignoble d'Alsace (Alsace Wine Directory) lists all the Alsace wine producers you can visit, either individually or in groups. It also gives many useful details, such as opening times, handicapped access, whether or not children are allowed, languages spoken, etc.

You will find the directory here: http://www.vinsalsace.com/en/ (External link)