Nature activities in Alsace

Boasting two regional parks – the Regional Natural Park of Ballons and Vosges as well as the Regional Natural Park of Northern Vosges – and subject to varying climatic influences, Alsace appeals to those who love nature activities of any kind. You will have the ability to explore the coniferous forests and stroll through the sunny vineyards on foot or by bike. You can also discover Alsace on the water thanks to the channels of the Rhine Region, which are quite suitable for river tourism.


Hiking in the Vosges has to begin in a pine forest, dotted with clearings where small lakes and peat bogs create some precious biotopes: woodcutters and wood sledgers (who transported the logs on sledges) were once the primary dwellers in these villages nestled half-way up the slope. The Club Vosgien (External link) is an association that traces and marks out the hiking trails within the massif.


On the plain, there is a network of 700 km of bicycle paths and marked-out routes, which are especially geared towards families, between Strasbourg, Sélestat, Molsheim, and in the area around Colmar (the Hardt forest). Downstream, the foothills are covered with vineyards, inviting you cycle luxuriously from village to village. Why not also bike across the famous Route des vins d’Alsace (wine route of Alsace) and explore the charming vineyards of Riesling and Gewurztraminer?

Navigable waterways

The grand canal and the Rhine provide 120 km of waterway for sailing between Mulhouse and Strasbourg (be sure to see the dam-lock by Vauban) via Neuf-Brisach, to drift in a timeless dream...