On 21 March, 5,000 chefs on the five continents commit to cooking for the planet!

Chefs from around the world will work to create a French-style dinner, based around socially responsible cuisine.

It will be a demonstration of cuisine which is firmly rooted in its time and is sensitive to the needs of today: respecting our planet and healthy eating. Visitors from France and abroad will be able to sample tasty food which showcases not only local farmers and produce, but also socially responsible cuisine focusing on environmental protection.

So all over the world on 21 March 2019, and all over France until 24 March, you will find initiatives and experiences to be shared and enjoyed.

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Following on from COP21 and the French National Food Conference (Etats Généraux de l’Alimentation), France must be at the forefront of global environmental action. With this in mind, Goût de / Good France supports the “No More Plastic” initiative, which is working to protect our oceans and reduce the use of plastic.
On 22 March, a conference on sustainable food will be held at UNESCO in Paris.

20-23 March, Provence is showcased in New York
with Goût de France/Good France

A four-day celebration of French gastronomy and French Provençal cuisine

(in french)

21 March, a huge Provençal banquet in the heart of Paris

In Paris, a huge Provençal banquet orchestrated by Gérald Passédat will be held in the Village International de la Gastronomie.
This year, the spotlight is on Provence at Goût de France/Good France.

On 21 March: 12 “Dîners Complices” prepared by the Collège Culinaire de France

Producers – the building blocks of all high-quality cuisine – take centre stage. In synergy with the chefs, they will compose a vibrant menu and discuss the reasons for their passion with the visiting public.
See the list of dinners and book your seat.

On 21 March: five ‘duo’ dinners prepared by Les Collectionneurs

Five chef duos, with varying experiences and careers, will together prepare dinners for Goût de France, with each duo featuring a Collectionneur chef and a young talent.
See the list of dinners and book your seat.

From 22 to 24 March, have your own culinary experience
all over France!

Thousands of gourmet events to discover to savour the diversity of French gastronomy: A nation-wide culinary experience to share

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MPG2019: a culinary journey around Provence

In 2019, Provence will be the foremost destination for gastronomy and as such will be promoted at Goût de / Good France events both in France and internationally. For the first time, the Bouches-du-Rhône department and Provence Tourisme are launching Marseille Provence Gastronomie 2019 (MPG2019), a year of gastronomy in Provence under the patronage of renowned French chef Gérald Passedat. It will be a year of celebrations, meetings between chefs, gourmet markets, picnics, urban vegetable gardens and more — a genuine gastronomic journey through Provence!