Visit Calvi, Balagne

Surrounded by mountains, a 3 mile long white sand beach, marina, and the small yet famous Genoese citadel of the thirteenth century, this is the view of Calvi from the site of Notre Dame de la Serra, perched high above the city. Stroll along the boardwalk between the beach and pine forest, walk the streets, lunch on the harbor, and visit the Upper Town. These are just a few of the attractions of the capital of Balagne.The purity of its waters, and its rich architectural heritage, presents Calvi as a gorgeous spot on the island of beauty, nestled in northwest Corsica.

Top Sites in Calvi

  • The Peninsula of the Revellata, on the west coast to Porto, contains about 740 acres of critical wildlife and local flora, as well as a magnificent seabed, serving as a particular delight for diving enthusiasts.
  • Situated above the town, the shrine of Our Lady of Serra, the patron saint of the city, offers the best views of Calvi.
  • The Bonifato Forest and its Figarella river, about 12.5 miles from Calvi. A long path through the forest twists around the Figarella, which is made up of small natural pools.
  • The Citadelle de Calvi and Christopher Columbus: an interactive tour of one of the most beautiful sites in Corsica
  • The Pinède de Calvi, on the east end of the city, which gets its name from its maritime pine and eucalyptus trees.

Must-See Events

  • Calvi Jazz Festival - end of June
  • Exhibition of Contempory Art - from middle of June to the end of August
  • Calvi on the Rocks - beginning of July (electronic music fest)
  • Polyphonic Songs Encounters of Calvi - middle of September
  • Wind Festival – Festiventu in Calvi - end of October

You'll find all events, concerts and more on the website.

How to get there

By plane: Aéroport de Calvi (approx. 4 miles from the city center), flights from Paris - Nice - Marseille - Lyon - Lille - Nantes - Strasbourg - Toulouse

By boat: From Nice, Marseille, and Toulon with Corsica Ferries, SNCM and Moby Line. From Italy and Sardinia: Genoa, Savona, Livorno, and Santa Teresa di Gallura (Sardinia) with Corsica Ferries and Moby Line


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