Play Golf in Corsica

In 2014, one of France's newest golf courses opened at the Domaine de Murtoli, located just 25 kilometers from the Figari Airport. The concept? A trace of Corsica's "wild side," a little spontaneity, and the magical beauty of local nature.

Near Sartène, at Corsica's southernmost tip, the private domaine of Murtoli spreads across more than 2,500 hectares of rolling landscapes. Seventeen small buildings and pens, restored in the style of traditional architecture, are nestled in a draw-dropping setting between mountains and the Mediterranean, full of majestic beaches, rivers, plains, and hills.

It is here that the idea was born - the idea of a completely authentic game of golf, a game that respects the courses already designed by Mother Nature.

Supplement, Don't Spoil: A Project Built Alongside the Landscape

This was architect Kyle Phillip's delicate goal: not to spoil the existing landscape, but to allow its natural beauty to shine through with its olive groves, pastures, and rolling fields. Here, there's no uneven ground or artificial obstacles. The course is completely natural, flowing with the movement of the ground without any synthetic landscaping. This "rustic" character brings players back to the origins of the sport and the first Scottish golf courses in the 18th century, when golf was almost exclusively played by shepherds.

47 Possible Courses

The unusual configuration of the Murtoli course gives players a range of different challenges. Those who wish to improve their game with horseshoe pits can play on a 9 by 3 course. Those who wish to test the length of their game can play on a course with 9 holes, with 500 meter 3 by 5 courses and by 4 to 300 and 400 meters. The possibilities are endless, and players of all levels can find a course adapted to their needs.

A Green for the Greenhorns

Murtoli is also ideal for those totally new to golf, with a complete practice and training course, as well as a "green" and "bunkers" specially designed for those who wish to learn.

Individual and group lessons can be adapted to each players' needs and draw on the latest technology: a video tool with a high-speed camera and balancing platforms. Designed to help players better understand the movement of their own body, these machines encourage practical games and exercises to find the best physical forms to master the technical aspects of golf.

To Fully Discover the Sport of Golf

A range of activities are available in the domaine itself: visiting the farm and fruit and vegetable harvests in the gardens, the riding stables, themed hikes, picnics, and the spa. Of course, don't forget to visit archeological and botanical sites, cooking classes, wine tastings, and the region's offerings in terms of deep-sea fishing, art, history, and culture. Hunting weekends are also available in-season.

Sartène, the City of Art and History, is a must-see destination for a taste of Corsica's rich and diverse urban, religious, and natural heritage. Don't miss the Eglise Santa Maria Assunta, the City Hall (the former Palais des Gouverneurs Génois), watch towers, the remains of the 15th century city walls, the Place de la Libération, the Old City, and the Musée de la Préhistoire.

More information on Murtoli and its golf course: (External link)