Protected Sites and Nature Reserves in Corsica

The coastal environment is a living, dynamic one, simultaneously exposed and fragile.

The shoreline, as a point of contact between land and sea where salt and fresh waters meet, is a zone of great biological diversity, as are all such interfaces. It boasts an incredible variety of natural biotopes.

Although the French coastline is particularly rich, it is also under threat, which is why the government has the key responsibility of ensuring that it is passed on to future generations in a healthy state.

World Heritage Sites

Sites listed by UNESCO (External link) as embodying a natural or cultural heritage of outstanding worldwide value.

Scandola Nature Preserve

Scandola is the gem in Corsica’s crown. Established in 1975, the preserve covers 2,000 acres on land and nearly 2,400 acres on sea. The area is hard to reach except by sea, and is subject to strict regulation (speed limits are low, fishing and diving are prohibited). The waters are incredibly rich in fish, while schools of dolphins can be found just a few dozen yards from shore. Scandola is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Calanques de Piana

The calanques (rocky inlets) at Piana have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They offer a wonderful sight of rocky cliffs, peaks, needles, and sculpted forms of red granite. The slow effect of erosion created this jagged rockface that plunges straight into the sea some 1,000 feet below. Some of the weather-carved shapes have been famous for their resemblance to animals, people, or symbols. This extraordinary site sparks true wonder as one of the most beautiful spots on an island already dubbed the "Isle of Beauty."