Visit Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve

The French contribution for an International Sea park Petween Sardinia and Corsica, the Bouche de Bonifacio Nature Reserve is the largest in metropolitan France, with 80,000 hectares.
It was completed at sea and in the isles, by the Ciarbicali Islands Nature Reserve. The wildlife is extremely diverse, and in the isles, Western Mediterranean and African plant life can be found.
Silene velutina is the most precious flower for scientists on the reserve, while seabirds like cormorants, puffins, petrels or herring seagulls boost the reputation of the International Sea Park as well.

The smooth catchflies and the natural Corsican and Sardinian species are the focus of much scientific attention on the reserve, as well as a number of nesting marine bird colonies:

  • European shag birds
  • Audouin gulls
  • Storm petrels
  • Cory's shearwater birds

The large bird colonies contribute to the ornithological reputation of the reserve.