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Limoges, Capital of the Fire Arts

Capital of the Haute-Vienne department in the Limousin region, the city of Limoges lies on the banks of the Vienne River. It is celebrated mostly for its internationally renowned porcelain as well as its enamel and stained glass handicrafts.

City of Art and History, Limoges also boasts architectural treasures and unusual sites, including a cemetery that is unique in Europe, a monumental train station, numerous parks and gardens.

Also, did you know that the Santiago de Compostela route from Vézelay in Burgundy passes through Limoges?

Limoges is well worth a detour - and for more than one reason!

Do not miss

  • The Limoges-Bénédictins, a beautiful Art Deco style railway station ;
  • The Adrien-Dubouché National Porcelain Museum houses an exceptional collection of pottery and porcelain (with 12,000 pieces from all over the world!), including the world's largest public collection of Limoges porcelain ;
  • The Four des Casseaux, or Casseaux oven, is one of the city's last intact porcelain ovens and the only one listed as a historical monument ;
  • The Saint-Etienne Cathedral, one of the few great Gothic monuments south of the Loire River ;
  • The Evêché Museum, set up in the old 13th-century episcopal palace, is home to a collection of some 500 one-of-a-kind enamelware pieces, Impressionist paintings, and more... ;
  • The Evêché Gardens, a remarkable botanical garden ;
  • The Resistance and Deportation Museum recounts the facts and history of the Second World War via the main themes of Resistance, Occupation and Deportation in Haute-Vienne ;
  • The Cité des métiers et des arts, or the City of Arts and Trades, is located in the old houses of the cathedral canons. It is now home to the Fédération des Compagnons des devoirs du Tour de France, an organization of craftsmen and artisans dating back to the Middle Ages and one of the main training centers in France and Europe. The City invites you to discover the fascinating (his)story of companionship, customs and traditions ;
  • The Louyat Cemetery, created in 1806, has the distinctive feature of presenting tombstones decorated with porcelain funeral plates ;
  • Rue de la Boucherie, or Butcher's Road, is one of the city's most picturesque. The Maison traditionnelle de la Boucherie is the only eco-museum in France that faithfully recreates the lifestyle of a family of 18th-century butchers and this, at the heart of 58 houses that were once home to the workers of the city's most powerful corporation.


  • Danse Emoi, a biennial contemporary dance festival (January-February)
  • Urbaka, an international festival celebrating the street arts (end of June)
  • The International Webdesign Festival (Wif), an international tradeshow on interactive architecture and design that takes place every two years (June)
  • Temporary summer exhibitions, like the porcelain biennial, artist and floral exhibits... (July-August)
  • Cuivres en fête Festival, a tribute to French and foreign brass and percussion instruments (August)
  • The Artists' Market is open to all artists: painters, sculptors, engravers, photographers... (2nd Saturday in September)
  • The Frairie des Petits-Ventres, a huge celebration of regional gastronomy (3rd Friday in October)
  • Eclats d’Email Jazz Festival, a musical event showcasing artists from around the globe (November)


  • The terroir, or land surrounding Limoges, is conducive to farming livestock, producing excellent labelled meats : milk-fed veal, "cul noir" pork, and baronet lamb
  • Fruits: the Limousin "golden" apple, recognizable by its pinkness

Getting there

  • By plane : International airport of Limoges-Bellegarde - Domestic flights to Paris (Orly-West and Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle), Lyon, Nice, Figari (Corsica)… - Direct flighs to England (London-Stansted, Liverpool, Nottingham-East Midlands, Southampton)
  • By train : Limoges Bénédictins station, 2H50 from Paris, 3H20 from Toulouse, 2H15 from Bordeaux
  • By car : 350 km from Paris, 375 km from Toulouse, by the A20 motorway : 364 km from Lyon, 200 km from Bordeaux


12 Boulevard de Fleurus
87000 Limoges
Tel : +33 (0) 5 55 34 46 87


12 Boulevard de Fleurus, 87000 Limoges