Carnival in French Guiana

Every Saturday evening, the mysterious touloulou carnival queens, elegantly and totally disguised, lead the dancing right through till dawn. Unique of its kind, the procession of the Carnival in French Guiana is the longest in the world.

It all begins at the start of January, and ends sometime between February and March. The 2018 event will run from 17 January to 14 March in Cayenne.
In the early hours, having danced the night away, people get their strength back by feasting on the traditional dish of blaff, fish and prawns cooked in stock Creole-style.
Every Sunday, the city becomes a riot of colour and partying for the enormous and hugely popular carnival processions. So why not join them and be carried through the main streets of the city to the feverish rhythms of the many carnival music groups...
Perhaps you’ll penetrate the mysteries of the touloulous? But whatever happens, you can be sure that the dancing and music will carry on at the same frenetic pace for weeks! Ready?