Different Types of Accommodations in France

Tourist accommodations in France can be classified into several different types, according to the structure and types of amenities offered. Within each category, accommodations are also given star ratings. We've broken the different classifications down for you, so you can make the best choice when planning your trip.

See which type of accommodation best suits your needs.

Reception at the prestigious Hotel Le Meurice in Paris
© ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

"Hôtel du tourisme" These are the type of accommodations that you are probably most familiar with. Hotels offer rooms or suites for rent to travelers by day, week, or month. Food services may be available on the premises. Hotels may be operated year-round or seasonally, and a hotel is considered "seasonal" if it is open nine months or less out of the year. Campsite by the sea in Corsica
© ATOUT FRANCE/Laurent Marois

"Camping" Campgrounds are land developed for camping designed to accommodate tents, RVs, mobile homes and other portable recreational housing structures.It consists of either plain campsites, or pitches already equipped with one of the above housing structures, as well as common areas and services. They are open seasonally or year-round to non-resident clientele.

There are two kinds of campgrounds:

  • "Tourist" campgrounds have more than half of the pitches classified as "tourist" campsites and available for nightly, weekly or monthly rental by travelers.
  • "Recreational" campgrounds have more than half of the pitches labeled "recreational" and available for rental longer than a month by a non-resident clientele.

    A family relaxes outside their mobile home
    © ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Angot

    "Parc résidentiel de loisir" Residential leisure parks/recreational trailer parks operated within the hotel system are designed to host portable recreational housing, mobile homes, and RVs. They consist of either plain campsites or pitches equipped with one of these facilities, as well as common areas and equipment. These accommodations are available for rental periods that may extend beyond a month.
    A blue pool like you might find at many resorts
    © ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Laurent/CRT Lorraine

    "Village de vacances" "Holiday villages," or resorts, offer vacation accommodations at a fixed price that includes the use of shared areas, sports facilities and entertainment activities. Management is on-premise, and either individual kitchens or food services per lodging will be available.

Non-profit and purely social institutions, like family vacation homes, won't be classified as "villages de vacances."

       **"Résidence de tourisme"**   A tourist residence or vacation rental is an officially classified commercial establishment with at least a minimum of amenities and services provided by the management, operating seasonally or year-round. It consists of one or more individual or collective residential buildings, bringing together in one place furnished living quarters and common facilities. Residences are available for travelers to rent by day, week or month.           **"Meublé de tourisme"**   Furnished villas, apartments or studios for daily, weekly, or monthly rent by travelers. These apartments do not have common areas shared with other visitors, and certain amenities may or may not be provided by the management.           **"Village résidentiel de tourisme"**   An officially classified commercial establishment, residential tourist villages are a grouping of furnished accommodations with common facilities and services nearby.