Enjoy France, Travel by Train

Over the last 70 years, SNCF has become one of the world leaders of high speed rail and best performing rail companies in the world.It operates the extensive 31,000 km of the French Railway network as well as the most modern and comfortable trains, including the famous high speed TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse). It also operates scenic and regional trains.

Train stations are conveniently located in city centres with an excellent access to other public transportations. As opposed to air travel, there is no check-in and travellers don’t have to spend hours before boarding a train.

Trains provide a stress-free, seamless and comfortable ride, so just sit back and stretch your legs. Have a drink at the bar and enjoy the scenery through the large windows. With no traffic jams to worry about, you can have more time to enjoy your journey and your holidays.

France Rail Pass – The smoothest way to discover France by train.
Offering unlimited travel on the French national rail network, the France Rail Pass enables travellers to go everywhere in France by train. The France Rail Pass is valid from 3 to 9 days of travel within a month, depending on your choice. To match everyone’s travel needs, special formulas for child, youth, senior and groups of 2 persons or more are available. Pass holders can benefit from special bonuses and discounted fares thanks to the affiliation with more than 70 partners in France, including gastronomic restaurants, hotels, cabarets, museums, galleries and shops.

If you want to visit many vibrant major cities or charming small villages of France, the France Rail Pass is the easiest and most convenient choice. Simply sit back and relax in company of your friends and family or let the moving landscape and beautiful sights inspire you to write a travel journal.

TGV – High Speed Train
Since its introduction in 1981, the TGV has become, without any doubt, the most famous train in France and one of the fastest in the world. Operating at 320 km/h (200 mph), this high speed modern train will allow you to reach over 450 destinations including every major French city. For example, it only takes 3 hours to reach the Mediterranean coast from Paris.

Téoz & Intercités – Intercity Trains
Modern-designed and comfortable trains are available on various lines which are not linked by TGV. Those trains offer a children play area; snacks and beverages are available onboard. Intercités trains also link main cities and towns in France.

Night Trains
The night train runs mainly between Paris and the south of France. Night trains, equipped with couchettes and other amenities,are the ideal opportunity to save a hotel’s night and to wake up at your destination.

TER and Scenic trains – Local Trains
The TER is the best way to enjoy the French countryside and admire wonderful landscapes. It stops at every little town or village, offering you the possibility to discover the heart of a region.

Scenic trains as their name indicates are worth every penny if you want to discover magnificent places and enjoy the best of the awe-inspiring French landscape. Tucked in comfortably, the Transpyrénéen and the Yellow train in the southwest of France will drive you to the Pyrenees Mountains, the perfect place for hiking, mountain biking, skiing or simply for adventure. If you love mountains, you can also use the Alpine train and the Mont Blanc Express to see the Alps, the highest mountains of Europe, known for its stunning beauty. As for the Little Train of Wonders and the Blue train, they will allow you to discover the colours of the Mediterranean coast and to bask yourself in Provence where the scent of lavender will refresh your senses.

Last but not least, the Train des Gorges de l’Allier will offer you one of the finest railway journeys in France, through 51 tunnels, over 16 viaducts, between volcanoes and green valleys and on a route which cuts through daring, wild and almost inaccessible gorges. The route is punctuated by slowdowns allowing passengers to explore the landscape.