Tax-Free Shopping

Key Information:

- Receive up to a 12%* discount on your Shopping in France !
- Minimum spending amount (VAT included) = 175.01 €
- The VAT rate = 16.38 %
- The refund amount is the VAT less an administration fee = around 12 %
- Maximum time from check being issued to validation by customs = 3 months

A refund in 3 easy steps

1. Shopping Shop where you see the Global Refund Tax-Free sign and simply ask for your Tax Refund check.
2. Through customs
Show your purchases, receipts and passport at the border, then have your Global Refund check stamped.
3. Refunding
Mail back your stamped check to Global Refund for direct crediting to your bank account or credit card. You can also collect your refund in cash at a nearby Refund Office.

For most of goods, you pay a 16.38 % tax on the purchases you make. Some goods, such as books, have only 5.21 % taxes levied, and antiques have a special rate also. As a visitor residing outside the European Union, you are entitled to claim back the tax if you spend more than 175.01 Euros per day in the same shop and export the goods to your home country.

The goods have to be exported within three months plus the month of purchase, and your refund check returned within six months after the purchase. So, for instance, if you buy goods on June 6th, you have to have your export validated no later than September 30th, and returned no later than December 6th.

Your refund is calculated by deducting handling charges from the total VAT amount, which is usually around 12 to 13 % of the total purchase amount.

Global Refund is offering several possibilities to receive your refund.

Questions & answers

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers. Hopefully they will give you the information you need.

Who is entitled to Tax Free?
As a foreign visitor you can get a VAT/GST refund on purchases you export from the country you are visiting. To be entitled to a VAT refund within the European Union (EU), you must reside outside the Union more than six months per year.

The following countries are members of the EU: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
Do I always need to get my goods export validated?

Yes, in order to obtain refund on purchased goods you have to prove your exportation with a customs stamp on your Global Refund check. Show your purchases, receipts and Global Refund Check to customs officials before leaving the country, and have your form stamped. When travelling within the EU, show your purchases and documents to customs officials in the last EU country you visit before leaving Europe.
When leaving by train, road or sea, show your purchases and documents to customs officials at the border or when you board.

When should I arrive at the airport to have time to get my export validated?
2 hours prior to boarding.

Where should I get my export validated if I leave European Union by car?
Contact customs at the last border point when leaving the EU. For example, at the border between Poland and Belarus, or Finland/the Baltic states and Russia.

Where can I get my refund?
You will receive your refund in the way that is most convenient for you. We pay out in cash, directly credit a credit card, transfer money to a bank account, or send a bank check.
Cash is paid out immediately at the airport of departure or later by one of Global Refund Offices.

How do I know if the store provides Global Refund Tax-Free service?
Please look for our well known “TAX FREE” logo in the window or ask the staff in the store for help and information.

Don’t forget to have your Check stamped by Customs at the final point of departure from the European Union (EU)!

About Global Refund

Online Check Tracking Global Refund Check Tracking allows you to track your mail-returned VAT refund during the payment process. The refund check is traceable in the system 4 weeks after arrival at Global Refund. You can track your payment at (External link)

There are more than 10,000 stores affiliated with the Tax Free service throughout France. These stores display the Tax Free logo, and their staffs have been trained to offer you the best tax free service. In Paris, you can also find affiliated shops in our unique Shopping Guide, distributed in many places.

To receive the guide, please contact: (External link)
For any other information visit: (External link)