The Jura Mountains: what to do, what to see…

On the border between France and Switzerland, the Jura Mountains offer the perfect peaceful retreat for lovers of the great outdoors and adventure sports. The natural world here is carefully protected, and the environment of fulfilment created by its thick mountain forests is unique. In this landscape of lakes, caves and chasms, you are never far from water. Whether you visit in summer or winter and opt for snow or canyoning, raclette or swimming, you will be utterly spoilt for choice.

• Château-Chalon, one of France’s most beautiful villages
• Baume-les-Messieurs and its tufa waterfalls
• The old town of Dole
• Vouglans Lake
• The Ligne des Hirondelles rail line from Dole to Saint-Claude
• The Pic de l'Aigle vantage point
• The town of Orgelet
• The Grottes des Moidons caves at Molain
• Bellefontaine lake and its peat wetlands
• The Hérisson waterfalls


• Respect the silence in the Abbey of Saint-Pierre in Beaume-les-Messieurs 
• Visit the Chateau d'Arlay and its park
• Take a short break for wine in Arbois
• Ski at Les Rousses
• Unwind in the spa resort of Salins-les-Bains
• Cool off in Clairvaux Lake
• Spend the night in a farmhouse inn with reindeer and bison as your fellow guests
• Explore the Baume Caves
• Focus on cross-country skiing at Prémanon
• Cycle to Cornod

Getting to Jura