Visit Notre Dame de Pontmain

At the crossroads of Maine, Brittany and Normandy

On 17 January 1871, 4 children saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, who appeared in the sky, dressed in a blue robe scattered with stars, a black veil and a gold crown. She smiled at the children. The inhabitants of Pontmain gathered around. A white banner unfurled at the Virgin’s feet bearing the message:

“But pray, my children; God will soon answer your prayers"

Mary then showed the children a large red cross and finally, everything disappeared. The apparition was recognised by the Church on 2 February 1872. The pilgrims began to flood in. The Oblates of Mary Immaculate built a large and magnificent basilica and organised the pilgrimage. Today, more than 200,000 people come every year to pray to Mary, the Mother of Hope and Mother of Prayer. The key dates of the pilgrimage are 17 January and 15 August.

Getting there

Air: Rennes airport (65 km)

Train: Laval (52km) & Rennes (65 km) stations

By car: Paris (285 km), Mont Saint-Michel (46 km)



  • Restaurants
  • Tea Room, cafés
  • Picnic area


  • Hotels
  • Gîtes, bed & breakfast
  • Campsite


Visiting the city:

  • Musée d’Art
  • Musée Abbé Guérin
  • Château de Mausson (close to Pontmain)

Visiting the shrine:

  • Basilica of Notre-Dame
  • Parish church
  • Chapel of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate
  • Barn where the children saw the Virgin Mary
  • The domain of the Cross

Literature: Brochures available at the Shrine and from the Tourist Office

Special Events

  • Anniversary of the Apparition (January 17)
  • Assumption of the Virgin Mary (August 15)
  • Marian day (17th of every month)