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Orléans, between sky and Loire

Located 1h from the city of Paris (either by train or by car), Orleans is the capital of the Central region and Loiret department. You can see the plains of Beauce and as well as the largest forest in France,

which is the “forêt d’Orléans”, in the north of Orleans. While in the south, you can visit Sologne and its beautiful ponds.
Orleans is a typical city of Loire Valley, but it is rich in history and is known for the impressive and legendary environment of Val de Loire. When it comes to gastronomy, the city specializes in vinegar and

As of today, the town of Orleans is famous for its actively growing economy, universities and sciences, history, culture and tourist attractions.

Important places to visit:


- The Cathédrale Sainte-Croix, gothic style, is a true witness of the troubled History of the city of Orléans.
- L’Hôtel Groslot, where François II died in 1560. Charles IX, Henri III and Henri IV spent some time there.
- La maison de Jeanne d’Arc (House of Jeanne d’Arc), where Jeanne d’Arc stayed from april 24 to may 9 of 1429.
- Le Pont de l’Europe (Europe Bridge)
Across the historic districts admire the medieval and Renaissance architecture and many churches. A heritage which is the reason why Orléans has the title « ville d’Art et d’Histoire » (city of Art and History).


- Le Musée des Beaux Arts d’Orléans, admire a masterpiece of Vélasquez, Boucher’s landscapes, and modern works of Jean Hélion, Roger Toulouse, Zao Wou-ki, etc.
- L’Hôtel Cabu, historical and archaeological museum of Orléans.
- The “Centre Charles-Péguy”, compiling des documents about the writer.
- Museum of Natural Sciences.
- The Memorial Museum of the children of the Vel d'Hiv, at the center for the Study about the internment camps in the Loiret.


- Le Park Pasteur, named « Louis Pasteur » in homage to the biologist who, contributed to Orléans’ vinegar development which is well-known in France.
- Le Jardin des Plantes, botanical garden with many species of flowers can be admired...
- Le Parc floral de La Source : in the center of the garden, an underground track brings you to the source of the Loiret.

Importants Rendezvous of the year

- Le Festival de Loire (september). More than 500 sailors reinvent Orléans’ historic docks during 5 days, tramping the streets of this historical port. More than 200 traditional boats are attended to celebrate the Loire with nautical demonstrations, strolls on the river, water jousting... In this exceptional atmosphere will be proposed initiations to local crafts and gastronomy and great evening entertainment every night.
- Orléans’Jazz, The Jazz Festival of Orléans (june).
- Les Fêtes Johanniques, celebration of the deliverance of Orleans May 8, 1429, by the army of Jeanne d’Arc, is the most important annual festival in Orleans (May).

Autour d'Orléans

- Les châteaux de la Loire,
- La forêt d’Orléans,
- Basilique Notre- Dame de Cléry - Saint-André,
- Moulins des bords du Loiret,
- Musée de la Tonnelerie,
- Meung-sur-Loire.


By train :
Is 1 hr from Paris, trains each hour.
2 hrs 30 min hours from Nantes and 4h from Bordeaux.
By motorway :
1 hr 30 min hours from Paris.
By plane :
120 km, Paris-Orly airport(1 hr 20 min),
25 km from Orléans, Loiret airport (for private flights).

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