The Royal Fortress of Chinon

The Royal Fortress of Chinon, welcome to the fortress of the third millennium!

Overlooking the River Vienne, the Royal Fortress of Chinon was built by the Count of Blois, Thibaut I, and serves as a reminder of the period when the history of France and that of England were intimately linked. In 1429, in the grand lodge room, the historic meeting took place between Joan of Arc and the future king Charles VII.

Indeed, it was in Chinon in 1427, during the Hundred Years War, that the court of King Charles VII was first established. In March 1429, it was here that Joan of Arc came to see the future monarch in order to assure him of his legitimacy and to convince him to be crowned in Reims.

After six years’ work, on a scale unprecedented in Europe, to restore the site to its former military splendour, welcome to the fortress of the third millennium! Climb the numerous towers that rise up from the 150-metre long restored ramparts. Follow the circuit through the royal lodges to immerse yourself in the military and civil history of the fortress, and get an insight into the lives of the great characters who have marked this site.

Admire the lodges restored in the 15th-century style. Interactive and entertaining, the modern museography and scenography bring this historic place to life and offer a remarkable view of Rabelais’ hometown and the Vienne Valley.


Forteresse royale de Chinon
37 500 Chinon
+33 (02) 47 93 13 45 (External link)


forteresse royale de Chinon, 37500 Chinon