Royal summer nights in the castles of the Loire Valley

Musical candlelit strolls, epic and digital shows, and fantastic light projections—this summer, the castles of the Loire Valley come to life at night. reveals its choice of nocturnal rendez-vous to discover the monuments and gardens of the French Renaissance in a new light.

Les Nuits Fantastiques at the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau

After nightfall, the grounds of the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau are transformed. Illuminated groves, a misty theater, and mystery surrounding a magical reflecting pool—embark on a virtual journey through the new worlds of the Renaissance, filled with wonderful animals and chimerical creatures. The highlight of the show: a projection mapping display on the château façade, like magic!

Château d'Azay-le-Rideau (External link)

Viva Leonardo, the Po l’Occhio show at the Château de Chambord

On September 6, 2019, the Château of Chambord will celebrate the 500th anniversary of its construction. For this occasion, the monument will hold an itinerant digital version of the show created to celebrate 500 years of Renaissance, called Viva Leonardo, le spectacle Po l’Occhio ("Long Live Leonardo, the Po l’Occhio Show"). Following the advice of Antonio, Leonardo da Vinci's grandfather, spectators are invited to "open their eyes" and immerse themselves in this interactive show that combines digital creation and a live performance. A concert and fireworks will complete the program of this anniversary evening.
Château de Chambord (External link)

"The Story of Blois" (Ainsi Blois vous est conté) at the Château de Blois

Joan of Arc, Ronsard, the Duke of Guise, Catherine de' Medici and, of course, Francis I, are all here to tell us the turbulent story of the Château de Blois. With each picture, the four façades of the castle light up, come alive, and are illuminated as intrigues, tragedies and conflicts arise and resolve.
Château de Blois (External link)

"The Prophecy of Amboise" at the Château of Amboise

This show leads you through the intrigues of a court at the dawn of the Renaissance—follow the Louise de Savoie, the mother of future King Francis I. Alternating periods between the beginning of the 20th century and the advent of the Renaissance, "The Prophecy of Amboise" combines multimedia sequences and epic scenes reinforced by 250 extras, all with the Château of Amboise in the background, the last home of Leonardo da Vinci; this year, France is also commemorating the 500th anniversary of his death.
The Prophecy of Amboise (External link)

Nighttime strolls at the Château de Chenonceau

You may know Chenonceau in the daytime, but have you visited it cloaked in night? We take advantage of this fine season to rediscover that place known as the Château des Dames (Ladies' Castle) during a night walk through its gardens to the sound of music composed by Handel. Do you prefer the story of Catherine de' Medici or Diane de Poitiers? You don't have to choose between King Henry II's wife and mistress: each has her own garden here in Chenonceau!
Château de Chenonceau (External link)

"Nights of a Thousand Lights" at the Château de Villandry

Over here, actors in period costumes. Over there, dancers. Are those knights riding horses beneath the candlelight? This year, the "Nights of a Thousand Lights" at the Château de Villandry are set in the Renaissance period. Journy back to a night in the old days, in the gardens of Villandry illuminated by some 2,000 candles. It's a must-see experience!
Château de Villandry (External link)

The Scénoféerie at Semblançay, in the castle of Jacques de Beaune

This represents a real historical timeline presenting the history of Touraine, from the Gallo-Roman period to the French Revolution, at the castle of Jacques de Beaune, Superintendent of Finance under Francis I. Featuring water displays, flame projections, fireworks and other video projections on water screens, you can listen to Honoré Pottier and his grandson Benjamin tell us the Legend of the Source.
The Scénoféerie at Semblançay (External link)