Lyon: Activities on the Riverbanks

For the last few years, the city of Lyon has decided to give new life to its riverbanks. Thanks to frequent events, the Lyonnais people as well as visitors can discover a beautiful stroll.

ViaRhôna, a Popular Success

Each year during summer, the region celebrates the ViaRhôna, a bike path linking the Leman Lake and the Mediterranean. The city of Lyon also offers several different events in the city center on the recently renovated banks of the river.
On the schedule: borrow bikes to discover the riverbanks. Don’t worry if you have to spend a little time in line to take advantage – the bikes are very popular, but it’s worth the wait. You can also tour Noémie, the solar-electric boat of the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône. A different way to discover the layout of the city.
And for the adventurous, risk an impromptu baptism on the Dragon Boat, an impressive canoe transformed by the paddles of dozens of rowers.

Activities for All

Local associations and collectives put in place dozens of events along the path of the ViaRhôna in the center of Lyon. Waterball has known real success with teenagers and adults alike. These giant plastic balls allow you to “roll” on water.
Young children are equally entertained with an environmentally sound merry-go-round. It works in a unique way: it turns thanks to pedaling from parents and bigger siblings. Work out and make someone happy!

The Festival of Lights on the Riverbanks

You must know that every December 8, the Lyonnais place lanterns in their windows and walk the streets of the town to admire the light installations on the Festival of Lights.

During this period, millions circulate the city to delight in works realized by artists in 76 sites. Of course, since the construction, the banks have become a particular center of attention during this important festival.