The Most Beautiful Cities of Rhône-Alpes

Aix les bains In the heart of the Savoie, Olympic region, Aix-les-Bains is situated on the edge of the Lake Bourget, the largest natural lake in France. Enjoy the experience of being caught in the excitement of the second busiest spa (External link) town in France, the 18 hole golf course (External link) , cruises on the lake, balneotherapy, the Casino, race courses and many guided tours to discover its secrets. (External link)

With its exceptionally beautiful lake and mountain (External link) scenery,cultural (External link) , sports and recreational activities, communal events and festivals, Lake Annecy welcomes you with a lot to do and to enjoy at any time of the year. (External link)

Placed in the heart of the region Rhône-Alpes, at 2 hours of Paris (External link) and in only 30km of Lyon (External link) , Ars is a town of 1000 inhabitants, world-famous for his priest and its religious heritage (External link) . Come to discover an atmosphere of peace and far from the daily excitement. Come to take your time to Ars. (External link)

Aubenas is an historic town with a prestigious past. Full of architectural treasures and an extremely rich heritage from the past, it is also a good base for holidays because it lies near all the main local tourist attractions like the Ardèche river Gorges, the Ardèche Mountains, Mont Gerbier de Jonc where the river Loire starts and the high plateaux of the Cévennes. (External link)

Bourg en Bresse
This town has had almost a quiet existence compared to many of the other French towns. Its lifestyle is deeply rooted in agriculture. Perhaps this tranquillity has permitted the people to create the “savoir faire” of the Poulet de Bresse, one of the finest chicken dishes in France and also the famous blue cheese Bleu Bresse. (External link)

Dominated by the castle of the Dukes of Savoy, Chambery is one of the most remarkable old neighbourhoods in France. It is located near the most important ski resorts (External link) in Europe and the largest natural lakes in France : the Bourget and Aiguebelette lakes. Chambery is also the gateway to the regional natural parks (External link) of Chartreuse and of the Bauges and to the Vanoise National Park which makes it a key destination if you enjoy spending your holiday in the mountains (External link) during winter or summer. (External link)

Chamonix has been welcoming travellers and adventurers for over 250 years into the very heart of the Mont-Blanc Massif. It is a vibrant alpine town with a wonderful architectural heritage that bears witness to a wealth of history. The valley also offers a vast gastronomic (External link) choice from rustic mountain restaurants serving Savoyard specialities. (External link)

Throughout the Drome Valley, the country of Die offers you a preserved landscape, colours in accents of lavender and sunflowers and also a rich ground of traditions to discover during your stay in Die, the first one would be to have a glass of its famous Clairette (External link)

Birthplace of Natural Mineral Water known throughout the world, Evian has preserved and used its architectural heritage to its best advantage and presents to its visitors the image of a welcoming and dynamic city. Water sports, hill-walking, horse riding,... every kind of sports activities is available in the beautiful nature (External link) , between lake of Geneva and the Alps. (External link)

Capital of the Alps and "Technology City", Grenoble (External link) is a metropolis of the arts and of ideas. The town has always looked to the future, but is also endowed with a prestigious past. Setting out to discover Grenoble and its surrounding region takes you from one surprise to another, from unusual places to historic sites, from casual strolls to unexpected finds. And all around are the imposingmountains (External link) ...Welcoming and captivating Grenoble is waiting to greet you... (External link)

In the heart of Drôme Provençale, seated on a rocky mound, the chateau de Grignan dominates the surrounding countryside. Picturesque streets and “calades” (stone paths) wind around it offering glimpses of houses and archways dating back from the 12th to the 14th centuries. Nature (External link) , everywhere alive, makes agriculture rhyme with culture (External link) and touring people can test manygastronomical (External link) , cultural or sporting runs, always beautiful. (External link)

Known as the French capital of gastronomy (External link) and for its significant role in the history of cinema, Lyon (External link) is the gate on Provence and the long mountains ranges of the French Alps. Listed on the World heritage by the UNESCO, the capital of the Gaul will amaze lovers of the arts, culture (External link) and gastronomy. (External link)

Montélimar, the capital of nougat whose reputation has spread far beyond its boundaries, opens for your benefit the gates of Provence. At the gates of this very human town, immediately the first lavender fields give off a scent of summer; close your eyes and hear the cicadas singing, you are in Montélimar country.… (External link)

Notre-Dame de la Salette
In 1846, two young herdsmen had an apparition, saw the “Belle Dame” who told them to advertise villagers that something happen. From this time, Notre-Dame de la Salette become the second most important pilgrimage place in France after Lourdes (External link) . (External link)

On the heart of Provencal Drôme, between the Rhone and the Alps, the Nyons area, personal yet mysterious, benefits from a spectacular climate. Unique, protected landscapes, very special light, a climate that is sheltered from the wind, sunshine all year long and high quality products… these are just some of the special features of the area we call the Tuscany of the Rhône Alpes. (External link)

Standing high on the hill, this village where no lord has ever reigned is particularly proud to be one of the most beautiful villages of France. It boasts an unequalled unity with its houses of the nobility and its more modest craftsmen's houses on the unevenly paved streets offering a picturesque display. (External link)

Pont en Royans
Between Rhone valley, Provence and the Alps, this town is famous for its houses, built on the roc. Also a way to enter the famous range mountain (External link) “Vercors”, this place is dedicated to outdoors activities and rich French gastronomy (External link) . (External link)

Close to Valence, this small town is famous all around France for its shoes industry. It has plenty of beautiful old streets and buildings to admire, and its region has several gastronomic specialities. (External link)

Saint Etienne
Saint-Etienne (External link) has distinguished itself by its enterprise spirit, its passion for nature (External link) and for art which make it a design metropolis. This city is also known by all sport lovers for its famous football team. (External link)

Thonon les Bains
With a population of 30 000, the historical capital of the Chablais remains the touristic and commercial centre of the french ‘coast’ of Lake Léman. However the town has managed to preserve its natural and simple charm. (External link) (French only)

Strategically capital of South of Rhone Alps, Valence offers many aspects, patrimony, history, culture (External link) and of course, tourism. Its know-how are settled, this is a welcoming and dynamic city between Vercors and Provence. (External link) (French only)

Vals les Bains
This charming spa town is located between the Ardeche’s mountains and gorges with the advantages of a Mediterranean climate in fresh air. A quiet town, Vals nevertheless has a nightlife reminding the 1920’s chic with its architecture, parks (External link) andrestaurants (External link) which kept the essence of this age when the town rose. (External link) (French only)

30 kms south of Lyon, The Vienne Area is situated along the Rhone River. The amphitheatre of Vienne is well known and welcomes every summer one of the most important music festivals of France. (External link)

The village of Vizille is home to the Musée de la Révolution Française, a rich depository of archival and rare materials devoted to the French Revolution as it really started there. 20 kms from Grenoble, Vizille is also a gate to the National Park (External link) of “Les Ecrins”. (External link)